Old Man’s War eBook $2.99 Today Only

The SEO-like headline says it all! My first published novel — which was sold to Tor ten years ago this month, more on that on the actual day — is available for just under three bucks. If for some unfathomable reason you as a reader of this blog have not read it, now’s your chance to get it for cheap. If you have read it already, now is a fine time to give it as a stocking stuffer-like electronic gift to family and friends, or to tell friends about it.

(Also, of course: Offering OMW as a $2.99 eBook less than a month before the first episodic release of The Human Division, the new work in the series? Probably not entirely a coincidence.)

Enjoy, and here are the links to the book:

Amazon B&N Apple

Or check your favorite other online retailer (from the US).

32 Comments on “Old Man’s War eBook $2.99 Today Only”

  1. B&N is currently showing the discounted $2.99 (US) price, but Amazon lists it (at least for me – maybe because I’m in Europe?) for a whopping $11.03 (including tax and “free international wireless (Amazon Whispernet) delivery” :-)

    What I don’t think I’ll ever understand is how they can justify selling the *paperback* version for $7.99, $3 *less* than the *electronic* version «or selling the e-book for $3 *more* than the paper version, sigh».

    Not that it affects me in any way, since I bought the book years ago (and, incidentally, that was my first introduction to the name and works of John Scalzi :-)

  2. Also, of course: Offering OMW as a $2.99 eBook less than a month before the first episodic release of The Human Division, the new work in the series? Probably not entirely a coincidence.

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

  3. Guys, until we have the one world government the paranoids are going on about, you will have to deal with the fact there will be differences based in country. You will also have to accept that unless I specify otherwise, I am talking about what’s happening in the USA, as that’s where I am.

  4. Rats. I’d love to add an electronic copy to the collection, but I just don’t buy locked books. I’ve watched too many DRM hosts go tango uniform, taking collections with them.
    I have books in this house dating from the 18th century, all quite readable. Maybe I’m biased.

  5. I knew I’d regret switching my Kindle account to Amazon.ca, just didn’t think it would be within a week. Phooey.

  6. I just recommended Old Man’s War to a friend on Saturday. Thanks for providing a link that I can just buy it for her and say READ THIS!

  7. Guys, until we have the one world government the paranoids are going on about, you will have to deal with the fact there will be differences based in country.

    Hey! I resent that. I’m completely paranoid and I don’t believe in the New World Order one little bit!

    Incidentally, I have given your books away in paperback, but mainly because I don’t have the shelf-space to hang on to but a handful of my fiction and still have room for my ever-growing non-fic collection…and I don’t want my neat and orderly study to wind up looking like your tornado-strewn workspace.

    I remember waaaay back in ’04 when a friend gave my a copy of OMW, after which it spend a few years on the shelf before I got to it. I think I’ve read about half your catalog since then. Great Cthulhu the last decade flew. I swear the average rate of time passage was at least double what it was in the ’90s. Crap! Screw the jet-pack! Where’s my rejuvenation therapy?

  8. Has it really been ten whole years? Aah, I remember Agent to the Stars like it was yesterday… What a wonderful career you have built, well done.

  9. If you are a member of audible, you can add the audio version of Old Man’s War (which ROCKS) for an additional $3.95. It’s whispersync for voice ready if you like switching between text and audio. Also, until Dec 21, audible members can preorder the episodes of The Human Division for $3.61 each. (Regular price $6.95, member discount $4.86) http://www.audible.com/series/ref=sr_1_14_sa/?asin=B00ANW0VO0

  10. My paper copy of OMW never made it back to me after being loaned out several years ago. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to buy it again at such a reasonable price. Thanks to you and your publishers!

  11. I bought the ebook during the Humble eBook Bundle, but with the DEEP discount on the audible edition, I got it again. $2.99 for the Kindle edition + $3.95 for the Audible edition is a $17 discount on the audio book, and since the narrator is the same one who will be doing The Human Division Audible edition, I’m very interested in hearing how he does!

  12. Picked it up along with a copy of Redshirts for my husband’s Christmas present. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Well, now it shows the new price, funny thing is I was using the US iTunes store all along. Looking forward to summer break to finally read it!

  14. Good, because I loaned my print copy to a friend and never saw it again. Grumble, grouse… Although, now that I look on my borrowed books shelf, I see a couple of hers that I’ve had for…oh, never mind.

  15. I just bought the Kindle version, finally. I bought the paperback years ago, but donated it to the West Vancouver Library when I headed back to Seoul. It was a hard book to leave behind . . .

  16. Anyone know what happened to the supposedly-imminent Tor ebookstore? The original DRM-free announcement said “later this summer”, then I think I saw “by the end of the year”, and now it seems to have vanished entirely. Was it cancelled, or just taking longer than expected?

  17. I check the Kindle Daily Deals obsessively, and I was happy to see this one there. I may be the only person in existence who reads Whatever with any frequency that has never read any of your books, John. I was planning on reading it anyway, so the sale just sweetened the deal.

  18. Happy news! This Canadian got it for $2.99 from iTunes. Though I’m sure I’ll still regret the Kindle account switch the first time I want to buy an eBook not available in Canada.

  19. I had been meaning to buy a copy of some version of OMW for quite some time now. Finally did – and read the whole freeping thing on my “Kindle for Android” yesterday. Didn’t get a damned other thing done, but well worth the time. Sigh. :-D
    Thank you, Mr. Scalzi, for all your fine writing!

  20. Drat. Must read _every_ day to not miss such bargains.

    Although I’ve read it several times already, and it’s tiresome converting files to my old Palm OS PDA, but — oh, heck, the library’s only three blocks away.
    Thanks anyhow. Next time.

  21. I bought this ebook for the Nook, and it acts awfully strangely. It skips from page 8, to 10 and from 10 to 13. I’ll take it over to B&N and see what they have to say about it.

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