What’s That? You Wish You Could See a Documentary On Morning Star? Here You Go

Morning Star being the video game I am working on, for those of you late to the party on that one. The embedded video takes a look at the Industrial Toys team (I show up briefly with an amusing cameo) and gives some sneak peaks at the game and its art. Enjoy, and expect to see a few more documentary segments in the future.

14 Comments on “What’s That? You Wish You Could See a Documentary On Morning Star? Here You Go”

  1. An amusing cameo?! We, sir, will be the judge of that! (Just kidding, I’m sure it was quite entertaining)

  2. Looks like a great game!
    I wish you had given them a more recent pictire, or even the icing one! Id love to see an interview with you about the story in the next one!

  3. I hope you get to write some of the dialogue. It seems that every 1st person shooter is a cross between bad James Bond and Terminator for quips.

  4. They seem earnest enough. I would not expect to see a documentary of game developers that say, “Yeah, we’re basically just grinding this out to pay the bills. What? No, I don’t play games myself. I got shit needs doing.”

  5. @ Adam

    Game developers don’t tend to be that type of developer for the same reason most SF writers aren’t drudging for profit. Once you get past the easy stuff like flash, writing a game is a fairly high-level programming task, with a host of specialized skills that don’t readily translate into other types of coding. On top of that, the game industry tends to be more competitive than non-entertainment oriented software niches. Yes, they’re are rockstars that make bokoo bucks, but they’re are also many, many wanna-be game developers that end of settling for other types of software development, and not all of them failed to make it at their dream job for lack of talent.

  6. The game looks really good, and I’m sure the story will support it as well. I’m glad to see that most gamers and game designers have decided to put the story on par with the eye candy.

    In my early FPS days, I enjoyed the action and of “Doom”, but the thin yet amusing story and larger than life character of “Duke Nuk’em” . “Bioshock” had a story so compelling, that I had to keep playing to find out the answers, and play it again to see if I’d missed clues the first time.

  7. ZOMG! I feel so spoilt right now. Scalzi is writing for this game and Serj Tankian is doing the music. Was the consultation session “What would make the best combo for yodasears?”

  8. Wow, looking sharp. Some big name talent all across the board, too.

    And yes, that was a pretty amusing cameo.

  9. This looks really interesting. I don’t think Mr. Seropian and his teams have ever made a bad game. And I’m basing that going way back to “Pathways Into Darkness”.

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