You Wish You Could Sample My Daughter’s Christmas Cookies

Why? Because they are delicious, that’s why. Trust me, I had a couple. Strictly for quality control purposes, mind you.

25 Comments on “You Wish You Could Sample My Daughter’s Christmas Cookies”

  1. When my boss was out of town for seven days her husband ate ALL of her christmas baking. That amounted to 80 tarts and a couple dozen cookies in seven days. My god what beautiful feat. She was mad.

  2. Sorry, no. Gluten intolerant, here, so this season is pretty much hell. However, I’ve developed several tasty recipes, so maybe your daughter could envy my xmas cookies. They are quite delicious.

  3. I tried to make a gingerbread tree, but several of the cookies cracked when I tried to attach them, and my tree looks like a botched bonsai now :P I am envious of the Scalzi redshirts.

  4. The problem with using you doing quality control, is that they contain the special ingredient that makes all who eat them love Athena completely forever.

    No way to tell if that’s working on you.

  5. Redshirts cookies… are the other ones BrainPals? Nah… just looks like really tasty Christmas butter cookies with really good icing. Nothing better than a daughter baking some “Christmas” for dad! (If you ever have a chance, try some biscochitos. They are a Hispanic Christmas cookie found mainly in the Southwest… my wife makes them and they are wonderful.)