Quick Numbers Note

Today, Whatever passed 24 million recorded views since October, 2008 (i.e., when it switched hosting to WordPress’ VIP service). Also, if current traffic trends hold, by Christmas the site will pass eight million recorded views for the year, which would mean recorded traffic is up nearly 50% since last year. Not bad for a site in its 14th year of existence.

(As always when I note numbers, see here for caveats and technical mumbo-jumbo)

I’ll have more details on numbers either at the very end of the year or the very beginning of next year. But early summation of what I’ll say then: I’m very happy with how the site did this year.

13 Comments on “Quick Numbers Note”

  1. Are you at the head of the list as to number of visits among your peer sci-fi writers who also have similar blogs, Sir John? Just curious. Your is the only blog I visit nigh daily.

  2. You’re welcome! I’ve worn out the clicker on two mice, one track pad and an iphone clicking/tapping refresh all those times just to see what was going on right that second. And that second. And that second. And so forther. Refresh.

    More seriously. You’ve got great content and an engaged AND well mannered commentariat. Congrats on your numbers, you earned them.

  3. I’ve only become a regular reader in the last two months or so, but providing fresh, copious, relevant content and a haven for reasoned discourse is going to continue to increase your traffic. Congratulations. Soon you too can put up a sign…”Billions and billions served….”

  4. I’m impressed that you can observe this and somehow avoid thinking “gee, if I were to plaster my site with advertisements, I could make so much money…”

  5. John,
    That is really cool news. Congrats.
    This is what came to mind when I read your post:
    I think it fits great because it works on so many levels. Christmas, political, hard work, etc.
    Not the least of which it is a catchy tune that brings back memories.
    I have been coming here for several years now and only continue to find more reasons to do so.
    Thanks & Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Having only recently discovered Whatever and your books, you’re welcome neighborino.

    It’s Shake & Bake and I helped!

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