Athena at 14

There’s been some speculation at the Scalzi Compound about whether Athena would be taller than me or not at her 14th birthday. Well, today’s the day, and as you can see, it’s a very close thing. Krissy (who took this picture) tells me that whether I’m taller than my daughter or not depends almost entirely on whether I’m lifting up my chin when we’re standing next to each other. Apparently I have a lofty forehead. The upshot of it, however, is that at Athena’s 14th birthday, she and I are more or less tied, heightwise. In a month, and without disputation, I will be the shortest human in the house. At least I will still be able to lord over the pets.

I am, mind you, perfectly fine with this. One does not marry a woman substantially taller than one’s self if one has height issues. Athena has always been tall for her age; when I was her age, on the other hand, I was a shade over five feet tall. It’s never been a question of if Athena would out-tall me; it’s always been a question of when. Now we know.

I otherwise continue to consider myself lucky to have the child I do. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Athena may not be the perfect child, but I believe she is the perfect child for me. She’s smart, funny, observant, occasionally wise and sometimes a real pain in the ass, but always her own person. I’m delighted by the person she is and often amazed at the person she is becoming. She makes me want to be a better parent for her, every day.

So happy birthday, Athena, with much love, from your clearly-soon-to-be-shorter-than-you father. May you continue to grow every day, and not just in height.