Daily Archives: December 25, 2012

Pose-Off with Jim C Hines, Round Two

The (never unseeable) pictures await you here. I’ll note that as the pose is supposed to be of the person falling, I originally decided to try get the picture while lying on my stairwell. After I slid down most of the stairs and totally rug-burned my backside, I moved to another piece of furniture entirely. […]

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Eight Million Views for 2012

Just passed the number. Thanks to Hacker News for the assist; someone there linked to “A Self-Made Man Looks at How He Made It,” sending a flood of programmers over to read it. You can follow their own discussion of the article here. I’ll note again that this is just the views recorded by WordPress’ […]

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Christmas on Mars

  My pal, astronomer, educator and science fiction writer Diane Turnshek, is spending Christmas in a most unusual place. Here she is to tell you what it’s like to have the holidays on (nearly) another planet. DIANE TURNSHEK: I’m out at the Mars Desert Research Station north of Hanksville, Utah. I’ve been in training for […]

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