Eight Million Views for 2012

8mJust passed the number. Thanks to Hacker News for the assist; someone there linked to “A Self-Made Man Looks at How He Made It,” sending a flood of programmers over to read it. You can follow their own discussion of the article here. I’ll note again that this is just the views recorded by WordPress’ software; the actual number of views is higher. I’ll have a full report early in 2013.

But still: 8 million views. It doesn’t suck.  Thank you.

Update: Added image from the WordPress stats program. The numbers about the 8 million are the previous years totals; the first year pictured (2008) is only from October 10 on (that being the date I switched Whatever to WordPress’ VIP service).

8 Comments on “Eight Million Views for 2012”

  1. Congratulations, sir! And thank you. “Whatever” has enriched my life considerably, and is one of the most civilized places on the internet.

  2. one of the most civilized places on the internet.

    one of the nicest bands of pirates on the seven seas!

  3. Whatever is a daily stop and always a disappointment when it is a day without original content from you – even when grammatically incorrect ;)

    Thanks so much for your work here, it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Gonna try for 16MM in 2013?

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