Eight Million Views for 2012

Just passed the number. Thanks to Hacker News for the assist; someone there linked to “A Self-Made Man Looks at How He Made It,” sending a flood of programmers over to read it. You can follow their own discussion of the article here. I’ll note again that this is just the views recorded by WordPress’ software; the actual number of views is higher. I’ll have a full report early in 2013.

But still: 8 million views. It doesn’t suck.  Thank you.

Update: Added image from the WordPress stats program. The numbers about the 8 million are the previous years totals; the first year pictured (2008) is only from October 10 on (that being the date I switched Whatever to WordPress’ VIP service).

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Whatever is a daily stop and always a disappointment when it is a day without original content from you – even when grammatically incorrect ;)

Thanks so much for your work here, it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Gonna try for 16MM in 2013?

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