Three Views of My Wife on Christmas




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  1. Dang, where do I get a muzzle in these parts. I have a good use for it right about now, lol.

    Happy Holidays :).

  2. The headline gave me the idea that we would be hearing three opinions, rather than seeing three pictures.

  3. @Dan Geiser
    That was essentially my thought before I opened the Comments area. More specifically, given all the photos that John has posted over the years, I could not believe that I had never noticed that before.

    It’s not as if I have not been exposed to a number of lefties over the years. My Dad’s father was left-handed, and all three of my son’s serious girlfriends were lefties – plus, he married the third one.

    Thus my surprise at not spotting it previously.

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  4. Not entirely relevant, but I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, but only just now read and finished An Old Man’s War, and, holy shit.

  5. The trouble starts when the left-handed people don’t know what the right-handed people are doing.

  6. Was the ukulele a Christmas present or something she already had? If so, coincidence: I bought my wife a ukulele for Christmas. (And I bought myself one, so I can learn her how to play it.)

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