More Boxing Day Blizzard Photos

Athena and I braved the frozen expanses of the outside world to photodocument the results of the blizzard earlier today. Come along and see it in all its frozen whiteitude in this Flickr set.

Boxing Day Blizzard Update

Yup, it’s getting there. It’s supposed to continue to snow pretty heavily for at least a couple more hours, and then snow more lightly for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t look like we’ll have too much problem getting the expected eight to ten inches by the time it’s all been said and done. Krissy is working from home, however, and Athena’s on Winter Break. So: Since we have no place to go, let it snow, etc.

Back to work for me. See you all in a bit.

Here Comes the Blizzard

We’re supposed to get eight to ten inches of snow in the next, like, four hours, with high winds and the possibility of power outages, and I have a project I’m a little bit late on, so now I will ignore the rest of you until I have finished it and/or the power goes out and all the mammals at the Scalzi Compound have to huddle together under a blanket for warmth. So I might be away for a bit.

In the meantime, to keep you busy: So, how was Christmas? Tell us in the comments.