Boxing Day Blizzard Update

Yup, it’s getting there. It’s supposed to continue to snow pretty heavily for at least a couple more hours, and then snow more lightly for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t look like we’ll have too much problem getting the expected eight to ten inches by the time it’s all been said and done. Krissy is working from home, however, and Athena’s on Winter Break. So: Since we have no place to go, let it snow, etc.

Back to work for me. See you all in a bit.

31 Comments on “Boxing Day Blizzard Update”

  1. In the arctic, we tell the strength of the blizzard by the size of the waves in the toilet.

    ‘Tis true. As the apartment swayed in the ferocious winds, you could see the water in the bowl sloshing. -35C and you can not see the cars in the parking lot below your window (3rd Floor). Nasty.

  2. That’s a gorgeous photo. I hope you don’t lose electricity and can enjoy the snow, with everyone safe at home.

  3. Raining like a tall cow peeing on a flat rock here, because in California the bad weather doesn’t even have the decency to be visually interesting.

  4. Only a ho skip and a jump south of the Scalzi estate, in the bustling metropolis of Queen City (that is what I always called it in my Champions campaigns) we got an inch and a half of slush with maybe half an inch of snow on top. Not exactly winter wonderland stuff.

  5. I’m about 25 miles east of John’s location. It’s thick out there, and I’m glad I got the snow blower running last night before this all started. Stay warm, folks! Sorry about the weather in Cincinnati…..

  6. Beautiful to look at, but so cold.
    Just south of San Francisco we’re having a relatively, compared to snow, warm downpour.

    Cool NOAA link, Vickie.

  7. I need a desktop sized version of that shot, or at least the trees fading off into the distance of your emblizzarded yard :)

  8. Todd Lucas, after reading your post, I decided to try that. I saved the image and then set the saved filie as desktop background. Looks pretty good.

  9. I love the photo.
    Here in Kansas I’d give a limb for a blizzard, and inch and a half of slush, a tall cow peeing on a what was that? Whatever, just need some water here. Wells are drying up, trees are dying.

  10. in the southwest most corner of the state we’ve got lots of wind and some sleet but very little accumulation right now. there is just enough on the ground to make lucy the rescue corgi happy and she joyously rolled in it for a few minutes. of course, the weather channel is once again broadcasting the doom of us all and the drivers here are hitting the stores with cries of “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” i don’t have the heart to tell them that this whole “world going to end” thing is getting old.

  11. I’m in Akron, across the state, and we’re getting hit too. I’m on a dead end street which the city won’t plow until Saturday or so, so I’m hoping we don’t get the full 9-13 inches they are predicting. On the other hand, the puppy will enjoy it (6 month old smooth collie). This past week was his first snow and so far he has been loving it. And if I can’t get out, he doesn’t have to go get stitches out (neutered two weeks ago) until we get plowed.

  12. Yuk, all we are getting in south-western Virginia is nasty slush. My backyard is a white frosted mud puddle. I like your view much better

  13. We tried to drive across Indiana today, North to South. We didn’t make it. Fortunately, my mother lives North of Indianapolis, so we had a stopping point. We’ll make it back to Kentucky tomorrow.

  14. I’m not going to clear the walk until the snow quits! Stay safe and warm, winterfolk. And you Aussie types stay hydrated!

  15. I just love looking at pictures of somebody else’s snow, and knowing that I don’t have to deal with it.

  16. We woke up to -15 actual temp and a dog that refused to leave the bed. Then I went outside to shovel snow. My dad would say this weather built character. I say it contributes to insanity.

  17. @Playswithf1re: I’ve lived in Melbourne, Melbourne is never consistently sunny. :)

    Over in Perh it is 40* degrees making it too hot to do anything but vegetate.

    *for the benefit of those not familiar with the Celsius scale: somewhere north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, not fun to be out in at all.

  18. Dang, that is a LOT of snow. Being down here in Texas, we got a lot of rain and wind on Christmas, and then random cold weather today. Happy Boxing Day indeed.

  19. RE: Audrey 12/26 at 11:11am: Yep, and like most such weather events in D/FW, ice was involved, too. Luckily the ground was pretty warm and only the bridges & overpasses froze over. Many small snowmen were made yesterday as well. (BTW, do you know how you can tell it’s a Texas snowman ? All the sticks, leaves, and dirt mixed in ;)