Book Editing Update

And there we go: Another book in. The Mallet of Loving Correction: Selected Writing from Whatever 2008 – 2012 is now off to Subterranean Press, to have done to it all the groovy things publishers do. The end result will be available to you on September 13, 2013 — not coincidentally the fifteenth anniversary of Whatever. This also means that 2013 is officially a two book year, one fiction (The Human Division) and one non-fiction, which always makes me happy.

For my next trick? I’m going to take a shower. Excuse me.

15 Comments on “Book Editing Update”

  1. But wait, isn’t the Mallet of Loving Correction currently my weapon on Torchlight II? I AM SO CONFUSED! But seriously, congrats. And also, your mallet kicks serious ass, so I suggest people keep it together on these here boards, cuz at 679 damage per second, you’d be in for a world of hurt otherwise!

  2. Woohoo! Another zombie-apocalypse-proof volume of Whatever! Looking forward to both books!

  3. You know what’ll be cool about this book? I’ll be able to write comments in it. Offensive, stupid comments, full of dumb logic and mental errors that would bugger belief…and you won’t be able to do a thing about it! Where’ll be your all-powerful mallet THEN, huh!!!

  4. Jaquandor: amen! Just like the OP and the May regulars around here you can post comments like you described.

  5. Wow, it takes nine and a half months to go from final version to publication, and then you’ll have to wait even longer to get paid for it!
    That’s a hell of a business you’re in, John!

  6. My son and I will be looking forward to it with glee. I hope there will be a special offer with a mallet included!

  7. Hmm. I would ordinarily expect a book of writings from Whatever to consist of blog entries without comment threads, but the title of this one would be fairly pointless were that the case. Are selected comments included, then? (I saw in the last thread about malletted comments not being included, and that makes total sense.)