The Sunsets of 2012

A brief review.

Not a sunset, but moody and cloudlicious in a sunset-y way:

As always, we have one sunrise:

And as a bonus this year only, what was on the other side of the sky from that sunrise:

That’s not bad.

As one personal comment, I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the “dramatic contrast” sort of sunsets in 2012. Maybe I’ll have few more lighter ones in 2013.

10 Comments on “The Sunsets of 2012”

  1. They’re amazing! #2 looks like a blessing; #3 reminds me of Bruce Pennington’s art; and #5 and #9 have a distinct Old Master quality to them. All IMO, of course :). I look forward to more pix in 2013.

  2. 5 and 9 are my favorites. They look like toxic skies from some post apocalyptic setting.

    Perfect for 2012, the year of the apocalypse that never happened.