Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

My New Computer’s Neat Trick

Here’s me doing something that I forgot I could do with the new computer. The screen tilts back about sixty degrees and because it has a touchscreen it also has an onscreen keyboard that you can call up. So right now I’m standing at my desk with the screen tilted, typing on the screen. The onscreen keyboard is […]

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Morning Star Interview With Me on 148Apps

In which the author of the piece comes away impressed with my being “a master of saying things without actually saying them,” i.e., talking about Morning Star without giving away details of plot, gameplay and the like. Yes, indeed — I work with them there word thingies all the time! In any event, still an […]

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What I Am Doing With My Life in 2013

For those of you who crave such information, a rough idea of the next twelve months in John Scalzi. BOOKS, ETC Here’s what you may expect from me, output-wise, in 2013: The Human Division: The latest Old Man’s War novel starts its eBook episodic run January 15 with “The B-Team,” with a new episode each […]

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