Morning Star Interview With Me on 148Apps

In which the author of the piece comes away impressed with my being “a master of saying things without actually saying them,” i.e., talking about Morning Star without giving away details of plot, gameplay and the like. Yes, indeed — I work with them there word thingies all the time! In any event, still an interesting interview for those of you curious about our work to date. Also, I’m amused at how that particular picture seems to be becoming my default bio picture. Here’s the link to the story.

9 Comments on “Morning Star Interview With Me on 148Apps”

  1. Welll – it’s a suitably quizzical expression, innit? And you did indeed manage to say a lot without saying anything at all! Like the pic, though.

  2. … And you now have thousands of people imagining bizarre scenarios involving a wrench-wielding Friedrich Nietzsche driving a Ciera. Or is that just me?

    In other news, 148apps can’t spell “Nietzsche”.

  3. It strikes me as entirely fair to note your skill (when it suits you) at talking and not saying anything useful/interesting.

    And I rather suspect that if that particular pictured did not ‘amuse’ you, they (and others) would be willing to use one that did.

  4. SynD Loo Hoo:

    Indeed it’s entirely fair. I wasn’t criticizing the author for noting something I absolutely and intentionally did. And I’m fine with the picture too.

  5. I know you can’t write about this now, but I’d love to read a post after the game is done about some of the challenges and differences in creating a fictional world in a game vs creating a world in a novel, stuff you learned and all that. It still feels to me like we’re exploring how to create really interesting, immersive fictional worlds, especially in games where the player has many significant choices that affect how things unfold.

  6. Also, I’m amused at how that particular picture seems to be becoming my default bio picture.

    I was really hoping to click through and see one of the pose-off covers. Banjo denied.

  7. My favorite Scalzi-quote from that interview: “Limitations aren’t limiting.” That rings very true to me, and I think it would to most people who work in problem-solving or creative fields.

  8. And indeed entertaining! Quoting from the article:

    He started by looking at other games to see which elements haven’t been overused and overplayed to inform his own work for Morning Star.

    I’m hoping that, once the game is out, you’ll write with some actually-saying-things words about what some of those elements are and how you used them.

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