The First Sunset Picture of the Year

Because I’m all about giving the people what they want!

17 Comments on “The First Sunset Picture of the Year”

  1. The contrast is really something. Up where I live, the sky tends to stay purely in the blue and grey range, and winter sunsets aren’t nearly so spectacularly colorful. It’s nice to see the difference elsewhere :)

  2. Gorgeous. Makes me wish (until I think of all the inconveniences of it) that I still lived rural. :)

  3. Is that looking down upon the neighbors’ house from Stately Scalzi Manor, or is that your house and you hiked out to shoot this? I suspect the former.

  4. Shawn – Ohio, USA – Early to bed, early or whirlybird or something. Bored now, bye. Don't step on any Lego's 'cause it _Hurts_!
    Shawn T

    Man, I gotta do some camera shopping and either cut down all the trees hereabouts
    or build me a 60 foot observation tower.

  5. I hate to break it to you . . . I’ve already seen a number of sunset photos. I don’t think this is the first.

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