Hey, Look! The Trade Paperback Edition of Redshirts! Want One?

Just arrived at the Scalzi Compound. It looks lovely. You all will get to get yours in 11 days (that’s January 15th)…

Except for the one of you I randomly select to get a copy from this comment thread! For you, I’ll mail one out tomorrow (or, like, Monday. Probably Monday). I’ll even sign it.

So let me know in the comment thread if you want it! This is open until 11:59:59pm tonight, Eastern. I’ll devise some way to randomly select a winner and let you know who it is tomorrow. One comment entry per person only, please.


Update: Yes, anyone anywhere ON THE PLANET may enter. If you’re on the ISS, piss off.

(Just kidding, you astronauts can enter too)

896 Comments on “Hey, Look! The Trade Paperback Edition of Redshirts! Want One?”

  1. While I would love a trade paperback copy of Redshirts, I have been holding off on getting one for fear of finding out I am not core bridge crew of my own life.

  2. Is this for Canadians, too? If so, a good way to randomly select a winner would be to see who asks ‘Is this for Canadians, too?’ and give it to him or her.

  3. Want! I have it in hardcover, actually, but I have a friend’s birthday coming up, and this would be a very cool add-on gift.

  4. {Clever comment that successfully plants the idea that I should be the winner into John Scalzi’s subconscious}

  5. Wow. How could I possibly not enter the Easiest Contest Ever? And for a Scalzi book at that. Double win.

  6. Dear God yes please. I haven’t been able to scrounge up the cash to get any version of it, and I’m kinda desperate to read it.

  7. Just started reading your book “Hate Mail”. Bought it at Paperback Book Swap. Loved “Old Man’s War”, etc. Sadly didn’t even know you had a new book. Want it badly. Thanks.

  8. I’m game for this one – “Redshirts” was the most fun I’ve had with a book in a long, long time. Thanks for opening the contest to us!!

  9. Would be perfect timing, I just loaned my hard copy to my brother-in-law. I’m sure he’ll never give it back.

  10. My wife is a long time Star Trek fan and loves meta fiction!

  11. Yes, do want! :D Here’s where I cross my fingers and hope my random number comes up, right? Woo! (Also, this is pretty cool of you, as an author dude and all. Thanks.)

  12. Yes, yes, please! I just bought a copy for my Kindle, and I would LOVE to have a copy to give to my mom, who introduced/indoctrinated me into Star Trek all those moons ago. Plus, it’s funny, and she’ll love that.

  13. Definitely want it! It’s another great addition to your library of amazing books!

  14. I would LOVE a signed copy of this book from my favorite author! (does sucking up help?) Seriously though, I have enjoyed every single thing I have read from you, and I am currently getting my brother hooked on your books…we just got back from a road trip to New Mexico (from Seattle) and listened to the audiobook versions of “Old Man’s War” and “Ghost Brigades”. My brother’s favorite bit? When Perry became the first man to kick himself in his own uvula. (this line rated highly with me as well!) Great stuff, keep writing ’em, and I will keep buying and reading ’em!

  15. I’ve been looking forward to reading your book ever since I heard Jonathan Coulton’s song. The fact that you asked him is a testament to your good taste. The fact that he wrote it, a testament to the coolness of your book.

  16. I found myself humming the JoCo song at my desk the other day, and realised I never got round to picking up a copy. Best. Marketing. Ever. I’d definitely be up for a copy if the random number generator of doom smiles upon me!

  17. I think my hardcover version is getting lonely. It needs the company of its soft and younger sibling. Would love to get another copy!

  18. Already have the autographed hard cover, so while I do “want”, no, thank you. If your method happens to chose this post, please find an alternative method that will choose differently.

  19. Yes please! My mom has not read this yet, and she’d be tickled pink to get a signed copy!

  20. I would love one, and if you give me one, then I’ll do the most majestic happy dance known to mankind that will involve a dog from the Swiss Mountains, a cute baby, a beautiful Asian women, a Fraggle and a can of tuna.

  21. I love the trade paperback size, it’s the best size, the most awesome size, and that means it’s AWESOME.

  22. I don’t like the odds, but as my dad told me, “you never win if you never try,” and then, under his breath, “but you still won’t win.”

  23. Please give it to some more deserving person. I already have a Kindle copy and don’t want to be a hog. Though, it would be nice to have a signed copy.

  24. as a general rule, i read ebooks as a matter of convenience. However a signed scalzi copy of redshirts would be awesome.

  25. Thanks for the consideration!!
    Were there ever UU shirts available?
    That would have been sweet to have.

  26. I gave my copy away as a Christmas present. I wouldn’t mind having another copy because the book was so dang good.

  27. ohmygodohmygodohmygod… Scalzi won’t pick me will he? WILL HE??? PLEASE PICK ME!

  28. I would love to get this. I’ve been a fan of yours since you did DVD reviews for the Official PlayStation Magazine. I haven’t gotten around to getting the hardcover of this yet, but I loved the excerpts I read.

  29. Ooh!!! Count me in, please! and congrats that it’s arrived! That definitely rates and Epic w00t!

  30. Oh please oh please oh please oh please?

    I know, I’ll shoot my eye out…..but I don’t care! I’d love a copy, especially signed by you!

  31. It would be kind of cool to get a signed trade paperback of this book.
    Wait, what am I saying?
    I would be *totally* cool to get a signed trade paperback of this book.
    *bright smile*

  32. Well, of course I want it. That would go without saying if saying weren’t a condition for getting it.

  33. I adored this book. I’ve actually read it 3 times on my Kindle. I’d love to have a hard copy!

  34. I’d love to have a copy. I was going to get it for Christmas, but at the last minute – and without consulting me first – the person who promised me Redshirts gave me a blu ray of Beasts of the Southern Wild instead. (Which I had never heard of but is cool enough that I did not follow through on my threat to cast her out of the family for not delivering the promised Redshirts.)

  35. I would dearly love to send this to a friend! He’s never had the chance to read Redshirts due to cutbacks at his library, and I know he would love it. Here’s hoping :)

  36. Yes, please! I read the hardback from the library and would love a paperback copy to own. We can think of a clever signing that will mention Wil, too. :-)

  37. I’m in.

    Please note that shipping to Western Massachusetts is much less expensive than shipping to the ISS.

    Just sayin’.

  38. Anyone else waiting until their post number has some geeky significance before submitting their response?

  39. I NEVER win at these contests! Either I’m not random enough, or just unlucky. Or both.

  40. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! (That is if your selection criteria includes the most consecutive letters)

  41. Me. Me. I borrowed it from the library but really liked it. Would definitely get my husband to read it if you sent me a copy…

  42. Winning this would surpass my other only ever contest win, a trip to the Super Bowl from Snickers!

  43. I don’t know if saying something particularly clever makes me more likely to get a copy, or if semi-unsolicited praise will help. But this was the best book of 2012. Yes, I do want one.

  44. Unsolicited, repeat advice: how to select a random comment with a Mac. It’s pretty quick:

    1) Create a text version of this web page.
    – In Firefox, right-click/ two-finger-click to get the context menu
    – select ‘Save Page As …’
    – change filename to ‘arc1.txt’
    – change folder to ‘Documents’
    – change format to ‘Text Files’

    2) Get just the user names:
    – Start up Terminal
    JS-Mac$ cd Documents
    JS-Mac$ grep ‘says:’ arc1.txt > arc2.txt
    JS-Mac$ wc -l arc2.txt (this’ll give you the number of lines / entries)

    3) Pick a random line in the arc2.txt file
    – just use random.org, enter the number of lines
    – text editor can take you to the winning line / name

    If the first name is somehow disqualified (e.g. double-entry), just repeat step 3.

  45. Uuuh did I arrive in time?? Did I? I get a little confused with clocks and times when they are half world away… more or less… wonderful idea to make it international.

  46. I read it the day it came out in hard cover, but if I’m the lucky winner I’ll happily regift it. Anyway, I hope you sell whatever a very large number is for this sort of thing!

  47. Sure. I’ve been waiting for the Tor Store to launch in Summer of 2012 to buy it from them (I dislike all of the other eBook retailers), so I haven’t read it yet. Because apparently, Summer of 2012 is still on its way: http://www.tor.com/store/

  48. *Horshack voice* OOOOOOOO OOOOOO Mr Scalzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!! Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I would love this, for my husband. He read the book at my suggestion and, now that his Masters is done, is looking to work his way through your backlist. I loved the book, too, BTW.

  50. I’m interested! I just bought a new house with built in bookshelves… I still have half a shelf empty. This would totally help fill it.

  51. I selflessly bought the hardcover for a friend’s birthday before getting a copy for myself. And I’ve been reading your work since a conversation with a gas station attendant in a college town led me to “Agent to the Stars”. I would love a copy for myself, and signed would be extra cool!

  52. Pleas sir may I have the book? I will love it and squeeze it and give it a good home. At night, I will tuck it in my batman blanket to make sure it is nice and warm.

  53. If I’m the winner, and if anyone on the ISS enters and doesn’t win, I cede my copy to him/her.

  54. (Blubbering helplessly on the floor while my office goes to hell in a handbasket) Yes. I want one.

  55. Uuuh did I arrive in time?? Did I? I get a little confused with clocks and times when they are half world away… more or less… wonderful idea to make it international.
    Also… not sure if i posted correctly… hoped it doesnt duplicate :-( damn smartphone sometimes

  56. Oh I’d love a copy, not that my e-book copy isnt great but trade paperback is definitely the best format. And obviously I need to own deadtree copies of all the books that manage to spell my name properly.

  57. The perfect read prior to starting THD. I am ashamed to admit I haven’t read Redshirts yet.

  58. It would be nice to read your book in my country. In Poland they (ISA) release only 2 toms of OMW, and there’s no hope for the rest.
    Also my mom loves your style, she would be happy if she could read another of your book.

  59. Me, please! My wife has wanted to read Redshirts, but my kindle is physically grafted onto my forearm, so a physical copy is the only way that’s going to happen!

  60. HUh? What’s that? Free? And an autograph? And I don’t even have to sell someone’s soul?

    I shall have one, please.

  61. I would love to have it! I’ve already read everything else you have written.
    I am now suffering from “Scalzi Withdrawal Syndrome”, SWS.

  62. I loaned my hardcover to my stepfather and now there’s a gaping hole in my bookshelf. Please fill this hole in my bookshelf… AND IN MY HEART!

  63. I gave my hardback copy to a friend who is a very big Star Trek fan. A paperback copy would be pretty nice!!

  64. Me please! I already have it in hardcover, but trade would let me share it with others.

  65. I just finished reading my hardcover version and think that it will be lonely on the book shelf without a little sibling….

  66. I would like the random quixotic hand of fate to strike me with her caprice because, lo and behold, I am wearing a red shirt today.

  67. Yes please! I borrowed this from the library ages ago and have been patiently been waiting for it to come out in paperback so I could buy my own copy. (I have to adhere to my book budget or I don’t eat.)

  68. Here comes one random entry just waiting to be chosen! It’s a New Year and you never know – maybe, just maybe, this time?!

  69. I think this would be a perfect book for my fiance. I’d love to have a copy. Certainly I’ve seen nothing but good things about it.

  70. Ok I already own the hard cover and read (and will again) but signed would be lovely.

  71. Wow! Are you just trying to see how many comments you can get in 8 hours? Well for my own covetous desires, I hope it’s not too many more.

    I’ve just read OMW and already plan to read all your other books, so having an early free copy of Redshirts would be a great Ukrainian Christmas gift. Please and thanks!

  72. You should pick me because I spent all day yesterday shirking responsibility at work by reading the entirety of Old Man’s War on my smartphone hidden behind an accounting binder. While the trade paperback would be significantly more difficult to disguise I believe I am up for the challenge.

  73. Yes, I want the book. I loved it in the Kindle version but others in my family would more likely read the analog version.

  74. My life would be greatly enhanced if graced with the pleasurable presence of this paperback copy of your book. You, good sir, are awesome. :)

  75. Everyone likes a chance to enter for free stuff, especially when the free stuff has three codas and is a great story. I won’t let a soul borrow the autographed copy my wife bought me for Christmas, but I would let my family and friends get their grubby little hands on the trade paperback. Thank you!

  76. Should I be randomly selected, it will be shelved in a place of honor in my collection.

  77. I’ve already got a signed copy of the hardback, so if I win, please give it to one of your international readers. Through no fault of yours, they often get the short end of the publishing stick, so I’d like to infinitesimally raise their odds.

  78. I have the hardback and audio versions so why not a trade as well. (And I could give it to my dad who likes your books)

  79. Hi John, huge fan of your work! Would love a copy of Redshirts. Keep up the good work.

  80. This is one of the only things on my wish list that I didn’t get for Christmas. Would love a copy.

  81. Yes, I want it. My wife bought the audiobook, but I don’t do so well with that format.

  82. Oh, I do! I do want one! (I’ve already read it, kindle-style, but I want my husband to read it and I don’t want to give him my kindle.)

  83. Of course, you may not want any more of those pestiferous book reviews; but if you do:

    Sunrise Book Reviews
    1847 N. 2nd Str.
    Milwaukee, WI 53212-3760

    “Orange Mike” Lowrey

    crescat scientia, vita excolatur (dropout, 1972)

  84. Sometimes I think I live in a tv show, then I realize my life is way too boring for that to be true.

  85. I would like to have it to pass around to friends to whom I’ve recommended the book but I suspect they won’t bother to pick it up on their own.

  86. The signed paperback would make a fine companion to my signed hardcover! Is that greedy of me? Okay, I’ll gift one of them to my son’s middleschool library.

  87. I read one of your books once, I liked it. I’d like to read a 2nd but I’m cheap and lazy. Please send one to my front door which is a mere 15 feet from my couch. Thank you.

  88. I want one! Been waiting for the Kindle version to drop under $10 (my personal limit for digitally distributed books), but would happily read ye olde physical version!

  89. There were four comments added by the time I could read the entry! Love that! Do plan to buy one, but would love to have one signed. Free, even better.

  90. I’d love a copy!! I read it, and my mom would love to read it. She has always been a huge Trek fan.

  91. I’ll take it….new to the site and your writing, but have heard very good things about this book!

  92. Redshirts was on my Christmas list and nobody bought it for me! (If I don’t get the free copy, I’ll buy one for myself, but if I DO get the free copy, I’ll buy TWO and give them both away!)

  93. My 12-year-old son is a total Trekkie, just like his (proud) mama, but I can’t seem to get him interested in books. This could just be the thing to set him on the right path!

    (also, I ordered a signed copy from your local bookstore but it hasn’t arrived yet, sigh…)

  94. I’d love a copy to go with Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigades, and that sheep one who’s title I’m forgetting right now but I enjoyed greatly…

  95. I’d like one for my bro. He’s a fan and would really appreciate a signed bookie-thingie.

    An aside: is there a way to personalize or sign an ebook?

  96. Yes.

    As George Patton reportedly said when asked what he would need to march the Third Army across Germany:

    “Tanks, a lot.”

  97. In the middle of reading this right now! LOVING it so far – had to check it out from the library to read it, and it’s SO worth it. so – pick me, pick me!

  98. What great offer! Very generous of you. Our book club has Red Shirts as our next novel to discuss. I would really like to have a signed copy.

    Respectfully yours,

  99. the audiobook version was awesome, it helps that it was read by Wil wheaton. a signed copy would be nice

  100. As the narrator says at the end of R. Silverberg’s short story “Caliban”: “me. Meee.”

  101. Love your books! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this one, so sign me up! Thanks for offering this contest!

  102. Yes, I would like a copy – free this week or purchased next week. Also, I stumbled across your site a few months ago and have been following it every since – VERY enjoyable. I’m especially enjoying your more politically slanted entries….you often write what I’ve been thinking – but of course, you phrase things so much better than I could….keep up the good work!

  103. I just read Old Man’s War (prompted by this blog) and loved it – I would love to get Redshirts!

  104. I have to admit, I’ve not yet read one of your books, but getting one free would be like a soda from a car salesman. I’d be compelled to buy them all.

  105. I would LOVE to have it. Then I’d have to fight my time between writing and reading. Hrm…what to do. :-) Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. “Redshirts” would look wonderful next to my recently purchased and enjoyed paperback versions of your “Old Man’s War” series. A free, signed copy would glow softly in the dark and I’d never again have to turn on a night light for the cat.

  107. Well, maybe being in the middle-back of a very large clamouring pack will work out for me??! Looking forward to reading Redshirts either through my library or a new paperback. :)

  108. Bookshelf space in these days of kindles is reserved for special books, such as this one. Please add my name to the randomizer!

  109. I would love a copy. I’ll write a nice review- oh, wait, I already did that. (http://eyewryte.blogspot.com/2012/07/redshirts-novel-with-three-codas-by.html) Not that I think that should influence you or anything… What if I said kittens will die? Wait, that won’t work, either- I like kittens. *sigh* I guess I’ll just say- YES! I want one! Awesome book! Just like the other thousand folk who will comment. The Randomness Gods will choose me. They will.

  110. Ended up reading the copy I gave to my friend for Christmas, but would love a copy of my own. I’ll take a slim chance over no chance. ;)

  111. Loved the book. Rekindled a love of SF that I had allowed to lapse. Thanks for a blisteringly funny and smart book.

  112. I would love to have a copy (but will probably buy one soon anyway)! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  113. Well … it looks the chances here are at least better than playing in the lottery – and it’s for free.

  114. I am somewhere on this planet, and it is not yet midnight, and I would very much like to have this book.

  115. Oh man, I so want the cellulose edition with “digital” (fingers, pen and ink) signing! Please??

  116. I would like this book please! I asked for this exact thing for x-mas 2012, but all i got was a Medical Kit and a powered Bush/Tree pruner dealie… maybe you could sign those for me if i don’t get the book :/

  117. I’d love a copy! In case I’m the one lucky one out of the hundreds that have commented, thanks!

  118. I would so love to get this. Of course, if you don’t pick me, I’ll just buy it anyhow. :)

  119. I’ll gladly take it, even though I already own it in ebook form. In fact, it was the first ever ebook I purchased. I felt so dirty.

  120. I just finally decided to follow you like yesterday and there’s a contest to win one of the few books of yours I don’t own? Fate!

  121. this would be nice, but shipping would have to be to the Netherlands…
    Thanks for including the guys on the iss – I hope you don’t have to ship it there.

  122. Hey John! I’d certainly love a signed copy – it’ll be the one I keep when friends ask to borrow my hardcopy!

  123. I would love to have a copy of this book. I have a table that is very wobbly and your book looks to be the right thickness to fit under one of the legs!.. Just kidding. I love your posts and enjoy your sarcasm. Even if I am not chosen I still will enjoy your work ,however with a deep loathing that only I will know and usually is reserved for politicians and Sea Monkeys!

  124. Naah, already own the hardcover. What books are meant to be – dead trees made into cultural staples.

  125. Eh. Already have the ebook, so I don’t care if I win or not.

    (Trying the Reverse Jinx.)

  126. I got a copy of Redshirts as a holiday present for a science fiction loving roommate. No, putting an order in to your little Ohio bookstore didn’t occur to me until later. But after reading the opening chapter (and laughing so hard I got strange looks from people passing by my office door), I decided to try for a copy so that other friends who grew up with classic Star Trek can enjoy this.

  127. I totally want it! But you’d have a real time of it trying to send that to Korea. I don’t even know how much it would cost. ^^;

  128. I just lost my job and my dog had to have surgery. I could use a little happiness, please. Thank you for your time.

  129. It’s a well known fact that Sheffield needs more Scalzi books. Therefore it would only be right for me to look after this one for you…

  130. Wow, lots of comments, I have as much a chance of winning as surviving an away mission with a redshirt!

  131. Wouldn’t it be cool if a copy did go to the space station? They’d probably want an ebook, though, so you could still send this one to me, me, me.

  132. I own the kindle edition of Redshirts and would love to have a signed, physical copy of the trade paperback. Thanks for offering, John!

    “In other words, crew deaths are a feature, not a bug,” Redshirts, John Scalzi.

  133. Yay! Free Stuff! (I already have the hardcover signed, but I’d happily take a paperback, too! Maybe I won’t feel bad about reading that one.)

  134. I already own a signed copy of the hardcover (Thanks John!), but would love to donate a signed copy to the charity auction at my local science fiction convention.

  135. this particular copy of Redshirts could tell you it wants me as owner, obviously. It’s destiny ! (on a plus side, it would made my father a little bit jalous, because he loves your books).

  136. Do you think Wil Wheaton will read it to me like he did in the Audible edition?

  137. Me please!
    I snuck a small stack of books with me when I moved to the other side of the world. I have read them all since being here, and all-but-one of the books I have bought here, and the Christmas-present-book I was sent. Hitting crisis point!

  138. The local library insisted I give their copy back, so it would be great to have a copy of my own.

  139. I formally submit my application for inclusion in the potentiation of selection for this competition of chance wherein participants may or may not be rewarded with the stylized remains of a tree.

    Yours in lotterization,

  140. I shall read it and give it a lovely home on the shelf between Grant Naylor and Philip K. Dick.

  141. I can’t resist adding my comment to the stream, but if you pick me, please just send me an autographed book plate for my hardcopy. The book can go to the runner up. (I’ve already bought it twice, e-book and SFBC copy. Great read.)

  142. Would love to have a copy of this. We’ve already got a hardcover copy, but nothing beats an autograph from one of my son’s favourite authors.

  143. Does this offer count for non-Americans, as well? Because I’m dying to get this.

  144. Holy cow. Tossing in my attempt into the hat. :) I have the Kindle edition but I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart and like to read paper.

  145. Please, oh please…. I’ll volunteer for the next away mission.
    Thanks for the talented,
    510 Rose Ave
    Blacksburg VA 24060

  146. I would love to be the lucky one! I just finished reading this from the library and can think of 3 other people I would love to share it with.

  147. I would love to have a copy. I’m a librarian, and books make me happy inside. :)

  148. Is this the Whatever equivalent of TV Networks sweeps week, where they schedule the most lurid, outrageous content to make sure everyone’s watching when the Nielsen counters are counting?
    Well, whether it is or is not a way to lure the lurkers into the light, I too want a chance to get a signed copy of the trade paperback edition of Redshirts!

  149. Me please! I would like that – I bought as an ebook, so a paper copy would be fantastic!

  150. As a recent Scalzi discoverer (Fuzzy Nation, now starting Old Mans’ War), I would love to continue my expedition with RedShirts!

    Unicorn Pegasus Kittens forever!

  151. I bought/read The Android’s Dream several years ago; found it enjoyable but I never followed through with other books. Came across your blog ~6 mo ago and have been an enthusiastic reader since. Read OMW in a single day over the break. If this were to land on my doorstep it would definitely move to the top of the ~4ft stack of books I already have queued up.

  152. Mr. Scalzi. I hope that you are having a great day. I wish that I could come up with something witty to write here, but its not happening today. Sorry.

    Still, the most I can say is that if I win the book it would be appropriate. I work Ops at Fermilab; this means that my job is as close as a typical person can get to working for Scotty on the Enterprise.

    I really am a redshirt.

    Also, this coming Thursday is my birthday.

  153. I love trade paperbacks. Hardcover’s nice, but I feel like I’ll destroy the dust jacket, so I prefer paperbacks. I’d love a signed copy of this too. It would go well with my other Trek related autograph from JK Woodward.

  154. Heck yeah! I bought a signed copy of the hard cover for a friend and I’ve been jealous ever since!

  155. (WordPress refused to let me post a comment without logging in to a WordPress account I don’t recall ever creating — so needless to say I didn’t recall the password — so I had to go through a password reset cycle, twice, because I seemed to have mis-remembered the new password not 5 seconds after creating it, after which I was sent to some WordPress dashboard page and I don’t think the comment was ever posted. If it was and it’s in some moderation queue please ignore this duplicate.)

    You’ve made me come out of the woodwork and comment. I just discovered Whatever a few days ago and am quite enjoying it (finding you post pictures of cats was icing on the cake). Have started on the books but only to Ghost Brigades so far. I would love to win this one.

  156. WANT

    Of course, if any orbiting astronauts DO put their name in the hat and lose, I will defer the prize to them.

  157. Got the Kindle edition, would love to have a physical one.
    In other news, this thread is probably bucking for the fastest growth record…

  158. Have it a a digital version. Would love to have it as paper. Very kind of you to offer!

  159. Would love to own a signed copy. Would it be too greedy to ask for signed pose-off photos too? ;)

  160. You mean I’d get a birthday present worth keeping? Place my name in the hat please!

  161. Wow. Keri Wiker took my line about the astronauts. What are the odds? But I’d love a copy of the book because I assume that the ISS already has one. And my husband messed up and didn’t get me one for Christmas…

  162. Not sure I’ve ever laughed so much with a book in my hands. If I win, I’ll make sure somebody else gets to read it.

  163. John did anyone ever tell you that you are a very wicked man. I figure by the time that 11:59 runs around you will probably have about 1,000 pleas and bribes, and I don’t know how may threads praising you to the high heavens (I didn’t bother to read the threads before posting, I’ll do it after). Which I’m sure you deserve and will be worth many laughs. But yes I would very much like a copy, so please accept this as MY personal plea for the copy. And of course it having your signature is the biggest bonus of all!! And I’m sure however you choose the winner will be very democratic and fair.

  164. I would love a signed copy of Redshirts. I hope I’m not too late. Thank you for this giveaway, especially for offering it outside the US.

  165. Please, please, please, post that book to New Zealand! I have most of your older stuff on my Kindle, but I’d love to have a hard-copy edition :)

  166. Please, please. Had it on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas and no one bought it for me!

  167. A signed copy of Redshirts would be a great way to start the new year! Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. Ooooh! One of my favorite books this year! As huge Star Trek fan and a huge You fan, I got an enormous kick out of it.

  169. I’d love to get it as a consolation to you not coming to PHX Comicon to sign my copy!

  170. YES PLZ! I’ve been too broke to get one yet, so I would literally kill to get my hands on one! OK, maybe figuratively. Unless, you know, you need a favor or something…

  171. My husband, who doesn’t read fiction, has read all of your books (except Agent to the Stars, don’t know why) and I would love to give him a copy of Redshirts! Please and thank you!

  172. A chance for anyone from anywhere? Count me in. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  173. Of course I want a copy. It was my favorite book of the year, but I read it digitally.

  174. Pick me, Monty, pick me! Errr, excuse me. Please, Mr. Scalzi.

    I’d love to know if this post hits a new record for number of comments. Nothing like the word “free” to bring everyone out of the woodwork. I cheerfully include myself in that comment, of course.

  175. I would love to receive a copy – I have the eBook and learned that I can’t really stand to read a full-length work on an eReader.

    I finished the novel and started the codas, enjoyed the story but hated the consumption experience.

    Dead tree all the way for me. To be honest, if we put all our books in one room here 1) the floor might give out and 2) it would look like some of the “must clean this room” pictures you’ve been known to post of your office.

  176. It would make me so very happy if you chose me. I hear shipping is cheaper to Canada than to the ISS.

  177. I would like a copy of your book. I have nothing funny or clever to say to persuade you to give me your book. Goodnight.

  178. I’m buying my own copy, since you had to write it on Indian notebook paper in ink made from your sweat, blood and tears.

    Oh. You didn’t? Not even a little?

    Well, hell, I always fall for the hyperbole . . .

  179. If I win, it shall go to my brother. Although I still need your signature on my hardcover copy, methinks.

  180. I already read it; I have it. So why do I want it? I don’t know, but the minute I saw the post I said to myself: I have to have it!!! So here’s my entry. Oh, I know. My other copy isn’t signed by you…I knew I had a really good reason for doing this. Other than being a foibled human (or did I mean a fabulous human). And did I mention yesterday was my birthday, oh fellow Capricorn???

  181. Would love a signed copy of one of the best books of 2012! Thanks for the opportunity.

  182. I’d love this! I’m listening to the WilW-narrated audiobook, but would love a dead-tree version.

  183. This would be a better option than going to the library. This one I’d be able to loan to people.

  184. I don’t have a copy and haven’t read it yet. Pick me and I’ll move it to the top of my reading list.

  185. Just got laid off, this would solve at least one problem…”What to read next?”
    Thanks in advance

  186. This was my first Scalzi book, now working my way through the OMW series. If you ask me, you should give it to this fine upstanding person below ↓↓↓↓↓

  187. Oh please oh please… Pick me. For I may not be your biggest fan, nor may I be the one who tweets about you the most… but I do so much adore your writings – especially the Redshirts. I laughed so long and hard, catching all the “in” jokes, which for me was a first – and something I am quite amazed and happy to experience.

    Thank you for making me feel like I am synced with someone else’s sense of humor. Fun when that happens. Random synchronicity and happenstance.

    And to all a good night.

  188. I’d love a copy of my very own.

    And I wonder: will this thread get 1000 comments before the deadline?

  189. I wore my red shirt when reading the book. I also gave my copy of Red Shirts to a friend – haven’t gotten back and do not think I will. When I asked for it back, they gave it someone else I don’t even know! I don’t know if I gave my original copy back. :(

  190. Great! I’m not on the ISS!

    wait… oh.

    But if I stand upon all these comments just maybe… * stretch*

  191. I’ve gifted it to my best friend as an e-Book but don’t actually have a copy myself. THAT is how confident I was my friend would just love your book.