Hey, Look! The Trade Paperback Edition of Redshirts! Want One?

Just arrived at the Scalzi Compound. It looks lovely. You all will get to get yours in 11 days (that’s January 15th)…

Except for the one of you I randomly select to get a copy from this comment thread! For you, I’ll mail one out tomorrow (or, like, Monday. Probably Monday). I’ll even sign it.

So let me know in the comment thread if you want it! This is open until 11:59:59pm tonight, Eastern. I’ll devise some way to randomly select a winner and let you know who it is tomorrow. One comment entry per person only, please.


Update: Yes, anyone anywhere ON THE PLANET may enter. If you’re on the ISS, piss off.

(Just kidding, you astronauts can enter too)

896 Comments on “Hey, Look! The Trade Paperback Edition of Redshirts! Want One?”

  1. Bruce Diamond – Flyover Land on the teeming Mississippi River – Despicably proud old man. Text-extruding asshole (thank you, John Scalzi) with a skewed vision on life, pop culture, writing and general assholiness. Not a scholar, not a gentleman, not Martin or Lewis. But still trying to make life fun and funny.
    Bruce Diamond

    Please? Read it, loved it, would like to own it. Thanking you in advance.

  2. Bob Portnell – Sparks, NV USA – In no particular order: Husband, parent, child of God, technical writer, stargazer, gamer, and in no particular order.
    Bob P.

    Wouldn’t mind having one of those at all.

  3. Stephen A. Watkins – A writer of Fantasy and Speculative Fiction living in Atlanta, Georgia. He's been writing since grade-school, and he's never given up the dream. He continues to juggle his dreams of establishing his writing career, the demands of family life, and working full time. He chronicles the challenges of balancing all these demands on his blog, The Undiscovered Author.
    Stephen A. Watkins

    Well, I’m interested. If you randomly select my number, I’d like it, please. :)

  4. Bob Portnell – Sparks, NV USA – In no particular order: Husband, parent, child of God, technical writer, stargazer, gamer, and in no particular order.
    Bob P.

    Holy smokes, I posted third? Inconceivable!

  5. While I would love a trade paperback copy of Redshirts, I have been holding off on getting one for fear of finding out I am not core bridge crew of my own life.

  6. Is this for Canadians, too? If so, a good way to randomly select a winner would be to see who asks ‘Is this for Canadians, too?’ and give it to him or her.

  7. Want! I have it in hardcover, actually, but I have a friend’s birthday coming up, and this would be a very cool add-on gift.

  8. Ooo me! (In place of my father, who’s been asking for a copy for weeks, despite knowing it wasn’t available yet)

  9. Misa – Manchester, UK – Misa Buckley writes what she describes as "weird and sexy" fiction. She is indie press and self published, with a couple of awards to her name.
    Misa Buckley

    Oh, I have been dying to read this book. No pun intended *smirks*

  10. Dear God yes please. I haven’t been able to scrounge up the cash to get any version of it, and I’m kinda desperate to read it.

  11. Just started reading your book “Hate Mail”. Bought it at Paperback Book Swap. Loved “Old Man’s War”, etc. Sadly didn’t even know you had a new book. Want it badly. Thanks.

  12. I’m game for this one – “Redshirts” was the most fun I’ve had with a book in a long, long time. Thanks for opening the contest to us!!

  13. HanSQL – Phoenix, AZ, USA – When I'm not fighting zombies, I'm a SQL Server DBA and Code Ninja My server's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

    I’m so glad this book is succeeding!

  14. Lysana – Awfully eclectic for a Celtic Reconstructionist. Or is that the other way around? I've been around the blogosphere before, but I'm reverting to a pseudonym to keep the family peace. Said pseud is my Second Life name. I might still blog that now and again, too. Just because.

    Please? Pretty please with dilithium crystals on it?

  15. Would be perfect timing, I just loaned my hard copy to my brother-in-law. I’m sure he’ll never give it back.

  16. My wife is a long time Star Trek fan and loves meta fiction!

  17. Yes, do want! :D Here’s where I cross my fingers and hope my random number comes up, right? Woo! (Also, this is pretty cool of you, as an author dude and all. Thanks.)

  18. Yes, yes, please! I just bought a copy for my Kindle, and I would LOVE to have a copy to give to my mom, who introduced/indoctrinated me into Star Trek all those moons ago. Plus, it’s funny, and she’ll love that.

  19. Nightskyre – I'm a software engineer by day and big nerd by night. I love all kinds of gaming, but as my kids have grown I've really enjoyed teaching them about all of the fun things they can do, with and without a screen! I host a medium-length podcast with my wife, Anitra. We're The Family Gamers!

    Have I mentioned how incredible incredible John Scalzi is? The Codas were the *best* part of this book.

  20. I would LOVE a signed copy of this book from my favorite author! (does sucking up help?) Seriously though, I have enjoyed every single thing I have read from you, and I am currently getting my brother hooked on your books…we just got back from a road trip to New Mexico (from Seattle) and listened to the audiobook versions of “Old Man’s War” and “Ghost Brigades”. My brother’s favorite bit? When Perry became the first man to kick himself in his own uvula. (this line rated highly with me as well!) Great stuff, keep writing ’em, and I will keep buying and reading ’em!

  21. procrastigator – Montréal, Québec – Jeune langagier récemment diplômé, amateur de jeux vidéos et de lecture, interessé par la politique, athée.

    Book! Book I say!

  22. Anaea Lay – Consultant, Project Manager, Real Estate Agent - those are the boring things. Books, writing, politics, food, travel, books, people, science, parrots, and books...that's me.
    Anaea Lay

    I have an empty spot on a shelf that Redshirts would look just lovely on.

  23. I’ve been looking forward to reading your book ever since I heard Jonathan Coulton’s song. The fact that you asked him is a testament to your good taste. The fact that he wrote it, a testament to the coolness of your book.

  24. Leesa – I am the assistant features editor at Sequential Tart. I like to read webcomics. I like to Twitter with friends and keep up with my favorite web comic creators. http://www.twitter.com/leesalogic I play MMORPGs like EQ, EQ2, GW2, and can't wait for Csmelt Unchainef. I also play in a tabletop D&D game my husband DMs. I love pens, especially fountain and gel pens. In a nutshell, I'm a nerd.

    This would make my day! :)

  25. I found myself humming the JoCo song at my desk the other day, and realised I never got round to picking up a copy. Best. Marketing. Ever. I’d definitely be up for a copy if the random number generator of doom smiles upon me!

  26. I think my hardcover version is getting lonely. It needs the company of its soft and younger sibling. Would love to get another copy!

  27. Already have the autographed hard cover, so while I do “want”, no, thank you. If your method happens to chose this post, please find an alternative method that will choose differently.

  28. Would love one for my pops!

  29. I’d love a copy. :) And since I was close enough to touch at Worldcon but DIDN’T, I think that earns me a second chance. Hee.

  30. I would love one, and if you give me one, then I’ll do the most majestic happy dance known to mankind that will involve a dog from the Swiss Mountains, a cute baby, a beautiful Asian women, a Fraggle and a can of tuna.

  31. suemohn – From set & lighting design to project management, I've been making spaces work for people for decades. This blog will review design shows and discuss how small changes in decisions (more often about communication than actual design) could make big differences in results.

    Would LOVE a copy of Redshirts! Santa didn’t put one under the tree

  32. I don’t like the odds, but as my dad told me, “you never win if you never try,” and then, under his breath, “but you still won’t win.”

  33. Please give it to some more deserving person. I already have a Kindle copy and don’t want to be a hog. Though, it would be nice to have a signed copy.

  34. themidlistblog – I honestly have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm just a book loving schlub from the Pacific Northwest who wanted to do something creative and maybe help out some authors with some extra exposure.
    Robert Junker

    Thanks for the consideration!!
    Were there ever UU shirts available?
    That would have been sweet to have.

  35. Hieronymus Hawkes – USA – Pilot and author, father and husband. I like to tinker with web stuff, read, listen to music, play poker and design stuff in photoshop.
    Todd Moody

    I would love for you to send me that copy!

  36. I would love to get this. I’ve been a fan of yours since you did DVD reviews for the Official PlayStation Magazine. I haven’t gotten around to getting the hardcover of this yet, but I loved the excerpts I read.

  37. Cylithria Dubois – Kansas City, MO - Bay City, MI – Introduction: My name is Cylithria Dubois, but the young writers at NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program call me “CD,” and at NaNoWriMo they call me The eensybeensyspider. At Penguicon Open Source Software and Sci-Fi Convention they call me Lithie and I am the Head of Hospitality! I am the former YWP Forums Moderator & staff member of The Office of Letters and Light. I moderate over 41,000 YWP Participants! It was crazy fun times! I'me also the original Camp Counseling eensybeensyspider for Camp NaNoWriMo and I Moderated Camp NaNoWriMo too! Add Ghost Writer and Motivational Speaker to the list and you get a broad idea of what I do for a living. Incredibily, I do what I love! Besides being an avid writer and volunteer for literacy programs, I am Board Gamer, and Open Source Software/Hacker/Maker Geek. I can be found attending both Board Game Geek Convention and Penguicon Open Source Software & Sci Fi Convention annually. At Penguicon, I am the Head of Hospitality for the Consuite, which provides a 24 hour pit stop for over 1200 Con Attendees. Food, Drink and Friendship are often on the menu and crazy is always the desert. I do not know how to be defeated, although I’ve often failed. I am unable to quit, because I see each new moment as a beginning, and quitting comes at the end, and I don’t believe in taking steps in this world. I make my steps because I believe what we make, stays with us forever. I’m just me, no more – no less! I am Cylithria.
    Cylithria Dubois

    Ooh!!! Count me in, please! and congrats that it’s arrived! That definitely rates and Epic w00t!

  38. Oh please oh please oh please oh please?

    I know, I’ll shoot my eye out…..but I don’t care! I’d love a copy, especially signed by you!

  39. It would be kind of cool to get a signed trade paperback of this book.
    Wait, what am I saying?
    I would be *totally* cool to get a signed trade paperback of this book.
    *bright smile*

  40. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, so I’d take full advantage of a copy.

  41. itsleeeddy – Murrieta, CA – I'm just some guy with too many interests and not enough time. I read and write. I teach. I play the ukulele. I listen to music. I try and make music. I make a fool of myself. I think a lot, but not always well or to good purpose. I cook. I read about religion and philosophy and other things. I try. I try again.

    I’d like one! Please, and thank you!

  42. I’d love to have a copy. I was going to get it for Christmas, but at the last minute – and without consulting me first – the person who promised me Redshirts gave me a blu ray of Beasts of the Southern Wild instead. (Which I had never heard of but is cool enough that I did not follow through on my threat to cast her out of the family for not delivering the promised Redshirts.)

  43. I would dearly love to send this to a friend! He’s never had the chance to read Redshirts due to cutbacks at his library, and I know he would love it. Here’s hoping :)

  44. Yes please!

  45. Yes, please! I read the hardback from the library and would love a paperback copy to own. We can think of a clever signing that will mention Wil, too. :-)

  46. I’m in.

    Please note that shipping to Western Massachusetts is much less expensive than shipping to the ISS.

    Just sayin’.

  47. Anyone else waiting until their post number has some geeky significance before submitting their response?

  48. It would be an honor to be a part of your (give)away team and wear…er…read a Redshirt…Sir
    Uh…yeah, I just said that.

  49. I have the audiobook, and would love a paper copy too.

  50. krad418 – New York City – Author, editor, anthologist, musician, podcaster, black belt, curator, and all-around hoopy frood. Farscape comics writer, multifaceted Star Trek writer/editor, Boogie Knights percussionist, Scattered Earth contributor, voice of Todd Rage, author of the Dragon Precinct and SCPD novel series, and a whole lot less.

    This is the start of the comment I have just finished writing.

    (Also, I only have the crummy ARC Tor.com sent me so I could review the book on their site. A proper TPB, autographed and everything, would be some of awe.)

    —Keith R.A. DeCandido

  51. Me. Me. I borrowed it from the library but really liked it. Would definitely get my husband to read it if you sent me a copy…

  52. Michael Paulukonis – Durham, CT – I have been programming professionally in C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Perl and VB6 (!!!) since 2003. There is some Emacs Lisp, C64 basic and 6502 assembler in my shadowy past. I like to throw wikis at problems to see if they'll go away. .... i was the last one in kindergarten to bring in my phone number to have it put on a red construction paper telephone connected to the school with red yarn so embarrassing
    Michael Paulukonis

    Oooooh! And I even a got a red shirt for christmas!

    Well, nothing trekkie. Just a shirt, red. That is so, so so soft…….

  53. I don’t know if saying something particularly clever makes me more likely to get a copy, or if semi-unsolicited praise will help. But this was the best book of 2012. Yes, I do want one.

  54. Unsolicited, repeat advice: how to select a random comment with a Mac. It’s pretty quick:

    1) Create a text version of this web page.
    – In Firefox, right-click/ two-finger-click to get the context menu
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    – change filename to ‘arc1.txt’
    – change folder to ‘Documents’
    – change format to ‘Text Files’

    2) Get just the user names:
    – Start up Terminal
    JS-Mac$ cd Documents
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    3) Pick a random line in the arc2.txt file
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    If the first name is somehow disqualified (e.g. double-entry), just repeat step 3.

  55. Uuuh did I arrive in time?? Did I? I get a little confused with clocks and times when they are half world away… more or less… wonderful idea to make it international.

  56. I read it the day it came out in hard cover, but if I’m the lucky winner I’ll happily regift it. Anyway, I hope you sell whatever a very large number is for this sort of thing!

  57. *Horshack voice* OOOOOOOO OOOOOO Mr Scalzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!! Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I would love this, for my husband. He read the book at my suggestion and, now that his Masters is done, is looking to work his way through your backlist. I loved the book, too, BTW.

  59. I’m interested! I just bought a new house with built in bookshelves… I still have half a shelf empty. This would totally help fill it.

  60. I selflessly bought the hardcover for a friend’s birthday before getting a copy for myself. And I’ve been reading your work since a conversation with a gas station attendant in a college town led me to “Agent to the Stars”. I would love a copy for myself, and signed would be extra cool!

  61. Pleas sir may I have the book? I will love it and squeeze it and give it a good home. At night, I will tuck it in my batman blanket to make sure it is nice and warm.

  62. TOqueTrad – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Come visit us at noon on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, Ontario to play some rollicking good tunes from the various French-Canadian traditions.

    I just bought one for my husband for Chrismas (’cause I love him very much) — but he’s reading it too slowly!

  63. Gary Tyson – Gary Tyson is a 20 year veteran consultant specializing in medical affairs. His clients have included many of the top 20 biopharma companies as well as a host of other fast growing companies. Gary’s blog, Medical Affairs Perspective, is focused on key trends and issues faced by medical affairs leaders as the function continues to evolve.

    Yes! Pick me!

  64. Uuuh did I arrive in time?? Did I? I get a little confused with clocks and times when they are half world away… more or less… wonderful idea to make it international.
    Also… not sure if i posted correctly… hoped it doesnt duplicate :-( damn smartphone sometimes

  65. Maia Rose – A queer FilAm SFF, hockey, food and beer loving geeky Chicago denizen who spends too much time on the internets. Good thing none of you can judge. On twitter as semirose spouting nonsense 20/7

    Oh I’d love a copy, not that my e-book copy isnt great but trade paperback is definitely the best format. And obviously I need to own deadtree copies of all the books that manage to spell my name properly.

  66. It would be nice to read your book in my country. In Poland they (ISA) release only 2 toms of OMW, and there’s no hope for the rest.
    Also my mom loves your style, she would be happy if she could read another of your book.

  67. Vicki – Webmaster, concert photographer, lapsed physicist. Vicki likes to take pictures of musicians in her copious spare time. She keeps thinking that she should, perhaps, branch out with this thing, but it keeps not happening. It's a sickness. Pity her.


  68. John P. Needham – john.p.needham@gmail.com Spring, TX-based consultant in the exchange traded/OTC derivatives space. Proud father. Passion for good food & wine. Lousy but devoted golfer.
    John P. Needham

    Me please!

  69. Me, please! My wife has wanted to read Redshirts, but my kindle is physically grafted onto my forearm, so a physical copy is the only way that’s going to happen!

  70. amerob – By day, I'm a semi-professional computer geek. In my free time, I enjoy knitting, watching TV, and hanging out with my cat. Yup, I'm just that exciting.
    Amy Hyler-Essig

    Ooh, I would love to win!

  71. Dunx – Portland, OR – A writer of code and fiction, a player of games and a cyclist who runs. I think that covers everything except the collection of sharp knives.

    I would be delighted to have this. It would be so cool.

  72. I’d be delighted to have one sir. Cheers!

  73. I just finished reading my hardcover version and think that it will be lonely on the book shelf without a little sibling….

  74. TOqueTrad – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Come visit us at noon on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, Ontario to play some rollicking good tunes from the various French-Canadian traditions.

    I would like the random quixotic hand of fate to strike me with her caprice because, lo and behold, I am wearing a red shirt today.

  75. Joe – I am a long-time (20 years) engineering & development geek in the Denver Area. I am a civil engineer, I love being a part of the process of building things. Lots of big things, subdivisions, shopping center, wind farms, solar farms, it doesn't matter, the process is intriguing & fun. You can also check out my other blog on running at: http://geeksrunning.wordpress.com

    my own copy wouldn’t suck…

  76. Yes please! I borrowed this from the library ages ago and have been patiently been waiting for it to come out in paperback so I could buy my own copy. (I have to adhere to my book budget or I don’t eat.)

  77. Here comes one random entry just waiting to be chosen! It’s a New Year and you never know – maybe, just maybe, this time?!

  78. I think this would be a perfect book for my fiance. I’d love to have a copy. Certainly I’ve seen nothing but good things about it.

  79. Wow! Are you just trying to see how many comments you can get in 8 hours? Well for my own covetous desires, I hope it’s not too many more.

    I’ve just read OMW and already plan to read all your other books, so having an early free copy of Redshirts would be a great Ukrainian Christmas gift. Please and thanks!

  80. You should pick me because I spent all day yesterday shirking responsibility at work by reading the entirety of Old Man’s War on my smartphone hidden behind an accounting binder. While the trade paperback would be significantly more difficult to disguise I believe I am up for the challenge.

  81. My life would be greatly enhanced if graced with the pleasurable presence of this paperback copy of your book. You, good sir, are awesome. :)

  82. Everyone likes a chance to enter for free stuff, especially when the free stuff has three codas and is a great story. I won’t let a soul borrow the autographed copy my wife bought me for Christmas, but I would let my family and friends get their grubby little hands on the trade paperback. Thank you!

  83. Should I be randomly selected, it will be shelved in a place of honor in my collection.

  84. Anywhere on the planet? You, sir, are a gentleman. Thank you. In other words… Yes, please! I’d even let my husband read it first.

  85. Please, yes please, me, me, me, me, me!!!!!!

  86. athersgeo – Who am I? It's a good question. I'm eccentric. I'm bitchy. I'm a writer. I'm a music lover. I'm keeper of the cookies. Sometimes, I'm all five at once. Sometimes, I'm none of them. I'm apolitical and non-religious - so don't come here looking for life's great debates and don't come here looking to convert me to this cause or that belief. But if you want to talk writing, if you want to see the thought process, the frustrations, trials and tribulations of what goes into what I write then pull up a chair. These are the words I've never said, these are the contents of my head.

    I’ve had a rotten day, thanks to the dentist. This would make my day 100% better.

    (Also: Happy New Year!)

  87. I’ve already got a signed copy of the hardback, so if I win, please give it to one of your international readers. Through no fault of yours, they often get the short end of the publishing stick, so I’d like to infinitesimally raise their odds.

  88. This is one of the only things on my wish list that I didn’t get for Christmas. Would love a copy.

  89. Oh, I do! I do want one! (I’ve already read it, kindle-style, but I want my husband to read it and I don’t want to give him my kindle.)

  90. Of course, you may not want any more of those pestiferous book reviews; but if you do:

    Sunrise Book Reviews
    1847 N. 2nd Str.
    Milwaukee, WI 53212-3760

    “Orange Mike” Lowrey

    crescat scientia, vita excolatur (dropout, 1972)

  91. I’d love it! I would even pledge to put down the 6 or so books I’m reading right now to complete it first. :)

  92. I would like to have it to pass around to friends to whom I’ve recommended the book but I suspect they won’t bother to pick it up on their own.

  93. The signed paperback would make a fine companion to my signed hardcover! Is that greedy of me? Okay, I’ll gift one of them to my son’s middleschool library.

  94. I read one of your books once, I liked it. I’d like to read a 2nd but I’m cheap and lazy. Please send one to my front door which is a mere 15 feet from my couch. Thank you.

  95. I’d be thrilled to have a copy — it was one of the best books I’ve read in years :D.

  96. I want one! Been waiting for the Kindle version to drop under $10 (my personal limit for digitally distributed books), but would happily read ye olde physical version!

  97. Kevin Wallace – Kansas City area, MO – I spend my free time putting words in an order that will hopefully entertain people or make them think.

    Yes, sir!

    I just finished Old Man’s War, and I look forward to this one.

  98. There were four comments added by the time I could read the entry! Love that! Do plan to buy one, but would love to have one signed. Free, even better.

  99. Redshirts was on my Christmas list and nobody bought it for me! (If I don’t get the free copy, I’ll buy one for myself, but if I DO get the free copy, I’ll buy TWO and give them both away!)

  100. My 12-year-old son is a total Trekkie, just like his (proud) mama, but I can’t seem to get him interested in books. This could just be the thing to set him on the right path!

    (also, I ordered a signed copy from your local bookstore but it hasn’t arrived yet, sigh…)

  101. I’d love a copy to go with Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigades, and that sheep one who’s title I’m forgetting right now but I enjoyed greatly…

  102. I’d like one for my bro. He’s a fan and would really appreciate a signed bookie-thingie.

    An aside: is there a way to personalize or sign an ebook?

  103. In the middle of reading this right now! LOVING it so far – had to check it out from the library to read it, and it’s SO worth it. so – pick me, pick me!

  104. What great offer! Very generous of you. Our book club has Red Shirts as our next novel to discuss. I would really like to have a signed copy.

    Respectfully yours,

  105. the audiobook version was awesome, it helps that it was read by Wil wheaton. a signed copy would be nice

  106. Love your books! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this one, so sign me up! Thanks for offering this contest!

  107. Yes, I would like a copy – free this week or purchased next week. Also, I stumbled across your site a few months ago and have been following it every since – VERY enjoyable. I’m especially enjoying your more politically slanted entries….you often write what I’ve been thinking – but of course, you phrase things so much better than I could….keep up the good work!

  108. D. Paul Angel – I am in my 40’s (the new "20" they say!), am originally from California, and now live in Portland, OR, but would eventually like to "retire" to Hawaii. I am, most definitely, a “Nerd’s Nerd.” I can recite huge tracts of Monty Python, can force Star Wars quotes into nearly any conversation, find serenity amongst fireflies, enjoy hitchhiking to the beach with my towel in hand (remember the Hawaii bit), have found precious little to dislike about Tolkien, and find any argument favoring Picard over Kirk to be both fascinating and most illogical. My foundation in Science Fiction began with Asimov, but Heinlein’s wit brought it to the front of my conscious. Although I am still recovering from the amount of time spent wheeling through Jordan and Sanderson’s epic, I have found long series, such as Scalzi’s, no longer make me feel like an old man (The new 20, right!?). I've always had a love of comics, particularly the far side of Bloom County where Calvin lived, often casting pearls before swine whilst doing the foxtrot over the hedge. Even though I already have 2 puppy-dogs I love, Zack and Satia, I can’t help but think how awesome having a magical creature would be; even if I do worry that caring for it would leave me feeling hagrid. I am more comfortable tweeting than facebooking, and I'm not athletic enough to be a tumblr. I'm also an airplane nerd and a licensed, albeit non-current, pilot. I've travelled enough to know I want to travel more, I've read, cover to cover, The Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Science and Health, and a smattering of Eastern philosophies, and I was one of the early board members of Cerimon House. I can bake bread from scratch, grill, and cook; and I've failed, miserably, in learning at least 4 different programming languages. I write, commit photography, and am learning the ins and out of drawing and illustration. I have long straddled that shady realm between the wholly physical and utterly imaginative, and I'm working towards taking up residence in the latter. I'm an expert in all forms of philosophocating, but find it is best done with open eyes, compassion, and humor; preferably with pleasant company, snacks, and an ample supply of delicious beverages. I have also been known to make the occasional pun.
    D. Paul Angel


    Happy Friday! I would happily take that off your hands for you :-)

    All the best,

  109. Ooh, that’s as purty as the hardcover. I think I need to win a signed copy. Yep, NEED. :)

  110. I have to admit, I’ve not yet read one of your books, but getting one free would be like a soda from a car salesman. I’d be compelled to buy them all.

  111. “Redshirts” would look wonderful next to my recently purchased and enjoyed paperback versions of your “Old Man’s War” series. A free, signed copy would glow softly in the dark and I’d never again have to turn on a night light for the cat.

  112. Well, maybe being in the middle-back of a very large clamouring pack will work out for me??! Looking forward to reading Redshirts either through my library or a new paperback. :)

  113. Bookshelf space in these days of kindles is reserved for special books, such as this one. Please add my name to the randomizer!

  114. I would love a copy. I’ll write a nice review- oh, wait, I already did that. (http://eyewryte.blogspot.com/2012/07/redshirts-novel-with-three-codas-by.html) Not that I think that should influence you or anything… What if I said kittens will die? Wait, that won’t work, either- I like kittens. *sigh* I guess I’ll just say- YES! I want one! Awesome book! Just like the other thousand folk who will comment. The Randomness Gods will choose me. They will.