Sword & Laser Book Club Pick for January: Old Man’s War

And here’s the video:

I’m pleased.

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  1. “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” represents the first in a three book series by Mary E. Pearson.
    Marketed as a young adult series, it is perhaps some of the most intelligent science fiction I have ever read.
    Exploring the nature of the human soul.

  2. Congratulations John. OMW has become one of my favorite books and one of the few that I re-read every so often.

  3. Scorpius-
    Sword & Laser is used to represent Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s a really well done show. The hosts are great and the topics and interviews are interesting.

  4. @Jimbot, they had the December Wrap-up on Good Reads and http://www.swordandlaser.com/, but Geek and Sundry has been slow to update over the holidays.

    Ironically, I’d found John here, through The Story Board on Geek & Sundry (Youtube channel, but not listed on geekandsundry.com) after OMW was posted as the January pick (back in Nov/Dec). However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I put 2 and 2 together to realise this month’s laser read was the same and this blogger/author here.

    I read OMW in three sittings yesterday (Chapter 1/2 while on smoke breaks and eating lunch, and the rest between 6pm and 2am). I just couldn’t put it down! Having gotten a taste, I’m going to buy and read the whole series for sure, and am especially glad that The Human Division is coming out this spring, as I hate to wait for new books.

  5. I’m pleased too! OMW deserves the shout-out. I’d probably better buy the book, though, since it seems reading it on my phone didn’t count…

  6. The fantastic thing about this is that I just finished Redshirts over the first three days of January and now I am starting Old Man’s War along with the group. Super speed to catch up for Human Division, but hey, at least your writing is okay. :)

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