Can’t Play; Proofing Book

This one specifically.

I will say this: I think the individual episodes are working really well and I think it does well as a complete set. So however you plan to read it, you’re going to have a good experience with it.

Back to it. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. I used to read serialized books in magazines, and it drove me nuts So, I plan to wait and get the whole thing in book form, in one piece.

  2. I’ve been publishing my story in episodes and prefer it. Boy readers seem to also prefer it too. Makes for a more cliffhanger experience.

  3. I wouldn’t mind buying and reading as each chapter is released, but how do I replace these 13-odd e-booklets with a single comprehensive e-book without paying for it twice?

  4. Alex Willging – Southern California – Alexander Willging is the creator of the pop culture blog Mr. Rhapsodist and their 2012 short story collection Digital Eyes, Family Ties. A lifelong resident of Southern California, they are an alumnus of Loyola Marymount University, a born Catholic with a progressive bent, and an unapologetic cat lover.
    Alex Willging

    I’m really interested in serial fiction right now. As a writer, how would you define the length of an episode for The Human Division? Do you have to think of it like writing episodes to a TV show or as a miniseries?

  5. When you return to us, you’ll have proven yourself :-P

    I can be preternaturally patient, provided I don’t tantalize myself with anticipation. So I’ll wait for the whole enchilada, which works well since that’ll come toward the end of Spring semester and I prefer lighter fare in the Summer. No offense intended, you’re just more Voltaire than Tolstoy.

    I wonder if this and Redshirts points to a new modus operandi for you, one of freely arranging story-arc sizes into larger compositions. Oh well, proof, proof like the wind!

  6. As mentioned before, its such a shame and disgrace it would be almost $50 to buy this as episodes. So nice try, its either time to say arr and play pirate or long wait to read it as there is no way most of us are willing to support Amazon by paying the ridiculous price like this.

    And I know, John is prolly as annoyed about this as we are…

  7. @Alke – Uh… $0.99 per episode/chapter, 13 chapters (I think)… so, $50? Must be some kinda New Math?

  8. @NMc You really havent been reading what people write? Each episode is $3.71 to us outside USA. You know, Amazon needs to get more moneyz because sending those bits overseas is so expensive…

  9. When you have a moment, can you tell us what font your name is printed in on that page? I m trying various fonts for a project.

  10. Huh, UK and Germany aint nowadays part of USA, howcome they have USA military bases and stuff… j/k, Well my bad saying “outside usa” as it should more had been like “countries that dont have Amazon”, and afaik Amazon has stores in USA, UK and Germany. For more info, theres lots of ppl reporting not so cheap episode prices in previous posts.

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