Daily Archives: January 7, 2013

Taos Toolbox, Redshirts French Cover, My Anthology Availability

Three things science fictional and fantastical, and lumped into a single post because of it: 1. Walter Jon Williams is once again heading up Taos Toolbox, a “graduate-level” writing workshop for science fiction and fantasy, and it’s application time once more for the program. WJW tells me in a note, “We want to concentrate on giving […]

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Scam Attempt Warning for SF/F Writers

Short version: If you’re a science fiction/fantasy writer who got an invitation to speak from Bexley College in the UK, someone’s trying to scam you. Longer version: Here’s an e-mail in my box today: Greetings John Scalzi, I am Prof. Arthur Peterson from Bexley College (Holly Hill Campus) here in London UK. We are officially […]

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