Some Days You Wake Up and There’s a New David Bowie Video in the World

It’s over here on his site. And it’s Bowie being suitably Bowie, which is nice. Apparently there will be an entire album to go with it in March. You’re welcome.

24 Comments on “Some Days You Wake Up and There’s a New David Bowie Video in the World”

  1. Thanks for that. It was… Bowie. Figuring out what it all means is beyond me. Why Berlin, I wonder?

  2. I don’t know. I generally like Bowie, but I found it a bit to wandering and “mellow jazz” for my taste. I gave up on it out of boredom after about a minute. Also I was annoyed by the misspelling of Potsdam.

    And didn’t Bowie announce his retirement last year?

  3. He’s apparently revisiting places he’s lived over the years hence Berlin.
    It’s also his 66th birthday today.

  4. Link now directs you to Vimeo where I have no permission to watch it. Is there an Open Sesame?

  5. @critter42
    No, he spelled it Potzdamer with a Z instead of Potsdamer with an S. I live in Germany and speak German, it jumped right out and bugged the hell out of me.


  7. Its Davie & my birthday today. Sure you all know about the cretin from the 50’s but not about me! I’d rather be know for sharing my birthday with Steven Hawking but instead everyone thinks of a guy who died on the crapper mainly because of an extremely poor diet and abuse of Rx.

    Davie is celebrating with a new album, I am celebrating by trying to duct tape back on the bits of me that are falling off.

  8. BTW – John, that photo you have on the banner is really moving. I doubt you thought that when you posted it but the scale and layout really suggest a thousand words. Thanks

  9. I noticed the new album early this morning when I was putting together my own Bowie post on my blog (I had no real reason to do a Bowie blog; I just wanted to share some of his pictures, and then… NEW ALBUM!! Wow, suddenly my post was TOPICAL!). i had to laugh when I saw you did a Bowie post today, too. Great minds… ;-)

  10. It’s amazing how some people get older and yet their voice doesn’t lose it’s innate beauty or strength and the slight loss of range doesn’t detract from the way they sing. Bowie is one of those lucky few. (Peter Gabriel too.) I can’t wait to hear the rest of his new music.

  11. Is it just me, or does Bowie look like Dame Judi Dench?

    Probably just you, but if I look like Judi Dench when I hit 66 (assuming my low-living carcass survives another quarter century) I’ll be pleased as punch. Now, if I look like Maggie Smith then I’ll worry…

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