Your Friday Reading: Subterranean Magazine

Interrupting my busy work day to let you know that if you are so inclined, Subterranean Press has made the Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 editions of its magazine available to you — for free! — in both mobi and ePub format, and without DRM (because boo! DRM!). In the magazines you’ll find fabulous fiction by Nnedi Okorafor, Walter Jon Williams and others. And if you like it, good news, because the magazine’s future editions will also be made free available, or so I am told.

Now that you’re sufficiently excited to have something to read for the weekend, here’s the link with all the details and downloads. Happy reading!

10 Comments on “Your Friday Reading: Subterranean Magazine”

  1. Thank you for solving the do I wait for the B Team to arrive on my kindle or do I read it from Tor dilemma

  2. Tooting my own horn: The Winter 2012 issue has my novelette “Hard Silver,” which is me doing a mashup of some horror & western tropes and taking it all seriously. Bill Schafer absolutely rocks for making these available for free!

  3. When it came time for me to shed some pounds, I downloaded Zombies Run. It at least made the working out entertaining and more like an intensive gaming experience. With a lot more sweat. And I got to create my own post apocalyptic sound track!

  4. Any idea why my Kindle emulator refuses to recognize these magazines? It had no trouble with the Human Division.

  5. JJS: I’m Tobias S. Buckell, I create the magazines and eBooks for SubPress. If you could email me at with what emulator/operating system I’d like to see if I can figure what went wrong.


  6. Is this something SubPress regularly does in terms of converting the issues to epub format? I’ve wanted to read the issues for a long time, but they’ve always just been online only before, and I do all my reading on the Nook. If prior issues have been converted to epub, can someone point me in the right direction?

    (I already get SubPress emails, which are great, but I have not seen this question addressed.)

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