Saturday Cats Are Pensive

I think he’s thinking that he should buy a boat. It seems to be a thing for cats these days.

18 Comments on “Saturday Cats Are Pensive”

  1. Uh, no. That’s a cat. They don’t buy things. They make someone give them things.

    He’s thinking that he should make someone give him a boat. Basic plan: Stand by side of lake. Meow. Look sad. Perk up and watch boats intently, then do silent miaows (but only when people are watching). Stand on things that look like they might float, mewl piteously. Quick break to lick own butt. Back to the sad.

  2. Can’t sleep, the river outside will get me…
    Can’t sleep, the river outside will get me…
    Can’t sleep, the river outside will get me…

  3. Perhaps, thinks he, I need some honey wrapped up in a five pound note.

  4. Maybe you should build him a boat, be prepared for the flooding of the River Scalzi. Learn to sail (I assume you don’t know, but growing up in California, maybe you do.)

  5. I’m thinking he’s thinking he wishes it was 25 degrees F like over here in Seattle. That way he could cat skate on the river, doing 360’s to his infinite delight.

  6. boats? LOL my cats want nothing to do with water they tell me. Maybe it is Mr. Scalzi projecting his wishes onto an unsuspecting cat.

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  8. Every time I see the heading on this post, I feel an urge to start singing it to the tune of “September Gurls”. But don’t worry, I’m not dangerous, either to myself or to others.

    As for what he’s thinking… I believe he’s thinking about moving out to a little place of his own, even farther out in the country, where a cat can really be a cat. Catch mice for dinner, spray wherever he goddamn well pleases… Not have to put up with any more of this photography bullshit… Just, y’know, not have to deal with humans and all their meaningless expectations.

    Or maybe he’s thinking about buying a cherry red Miata. Who knows?

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