Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

Another Act of Whimsy: Choose Cory Doctorow’s Face!

As you know, a bunch of us science fiction and fantasy authors have gotten together to raise funds for Jay Lake and participate in Acts of Whimsy. When the fundraiser passed $35,000 a particular act of whimsy was unlocked from writer, Boing Boinger and Internet raconteur Cory Doctorow. That act: Cory will release a  a CC-BY […]

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What My First Time Was Like

Tomorrow the first episode of The Human Division is officially released into the world, which counts as the book release to me. It will also be either my seventeenth or twentieth published book, depending on whether one counts The Sagan Diary, The God Engines and Metatropolis to go along with the nine novels and eight […]

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