Sunset, 1/16/13

Straight out of the camera, no Photoshop. And yes, it really did look like this.

16 thoughts on “Sunset, 1/16/13

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Here in Portland our sky has been the same solid battleship gray for days on end — I’ve lost count how many days. Too many. It’s nice to know something else exists. And to dream that one day maybe we will see color again.

  2. Yeah, I noticed it when I glanced down the hallway toward the darkened bedroom and the room was glowing a dim sort of pink. Went in there and pulled up the shade and WHOA.

    Nice capture.

  3. There’s a glitch in Google Reader that, on the home screen, displays the first sentence or two of text from one post with an image from the previous post. So when I fired it up just now, I saw you reassuring my that the Snide Fish had not been Photoshopped, and really did look like that.

  4. Damn. You had a sunset, and a beautiful one at that. I’m hoping to see the sun this afternoon and, supposedly, all day tomorrow!

  5. I knew you’d post this – it looked almost that pretty here in Cleveland, a tad earlier than when it reached your area. Thanks for sharing!

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