For the Three of You Who Don’t Follow My Twitter Feed, This is What I’m Obsessing About Today

Yes, it’s true: Churro Waffles are a thing that exist in our world and soon in my mouth because when I discovered they existed I begged Krissy to make them for dinner for me tonight and she totally said yes because she’s the best wife in the world and ZOMG YOU GUYS CHURRO WAFFLES.

And yes. I registered It goes to a recipe for churro waffles. You are welcome.

For more churro waffle news and updates, you should follow my Twitter feed today.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Next up on John’s Twitter feed: “Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint.” :)

@Todd Chapman I’m going to try really really hard to forget I ever saw that.

OMG that looks completely amazing. I am preemptively jealous of your dinner. You must let us know how the great churro waffle experiment of aught-thirteen pans out!

As the only person in my household (or possibly on this planet) who does not like either churro or waffles, knowing perfectly well that there are several other people who will spot this within hours, I appreciate the added warning time.

It’s just…so…*sniff* beautiful…

As the only person in my household (or possibly on this planet) who does not like either churro or waffles,

Get him! Butter the heretic!

@ onyxpnina

Well, you won’t need syrup.

I love waffles and churros, but I loathe syrup. Fruit and cream are much better breakfast sauces.

I must now one-up the internet by preparing churro sweet crepes.

Sorry, John, I must be one of those 3 people who don’t follow your Twitter feed. I don’t have an account, don’t want one, and it’s bad enough that I waste too much time on Facebook. But the waffles look absolutely delicious. Pure U.S. Grade A Fancy Maple Syrup, 100% REAL unsalted butter, mmmmmmmmm heaven!

That, kind sir, is no dinner. That is an incomplete dessert. If you just add a few scoops of vanila bean ice cream, some chocolate syrup and whipped cream, then I think you’ve got something.

I don’t twit, but thanks for the warning. I spend too much time on social media as it is. Unfortunately, can’t eat the waffles either. See Bess’ post above.

In Spain, the churros are smaller than the ones you see in the US, about the size of large french fries. They are commonly eaten late at night, dunked in a chocolate drink that is much thicker than the cocoa you are probably used to. Any Madrid guidebook will tell you about San Ginés, a chocolate cafe that is open until 7 am, for people coming out of the bars.

Sorry, I’m a churro waffle naysayer. God created churros and God created waffles. If he had meant for churro waffles to exist, he would have put the recipe in the bible, right? He didn’t, so clearly this whole experiment is blasphemy. Tasty, tasty blasphemy. (Also, these kind of look like regular waffles topped with cinnamon and sugar…)

Incidentally, in case it’s interesting to anyone but me, Redshirts the Audiobook (not to be confused with Redshirts the Musical) is currently on sale at (*spit*) for $6.95.

My recommendation? Mayhaps Krissy could set these waffles in the window sill, and maybe turn away for 5 to 10 minutes to give the waffles some, uh… privacy? Then, if she should accidentally turn around and see a guy wearing footie-camo-pajamas and spy-kids night-vision goggles running away and the Waffles are gone, well… They’ve gone to a batter place… Better place. They’ve gone to a better place.

Twitter feed ….

Down here we call those things ‘bird feeders.’ You writers will go through all sorts of conniptions to invent a new phraseology.

BTW, real churro’s? Made with lard. Not that sissy vegetable oil. So churro waffles made with veg oil is only a gringo cop out. So man up, get your poncho on and dig into some real heart attack food. Also goes well with chicarones. Just sayin’.

Pass me the Tecate.

Man, if I were going to do CHURRO WAFFLES I’d slightly undercook them in the iron, then bung them in the FryDaddy for a minute or two, then proceed as instructed. (And then lie around in a stupor listening to my arteries turning slowly to cast-iron.)

A tip for your next waffle indulgence – cornmeal waffles (I use Jiffy corn muffin mix) with blackberry preserves and sour cream. Bacon is a must. But you knew that.

AKA cinnamon toast waffle. As I remember from earlier posts, Mrs. Scalzi does have some Hispanic background, so I can see why the Scalzi family uses the “churro”. Either way it beats any flavor of Eggo.

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