The Heartwarming Tale of a Boy and His Churro Waffle Reaches its Inevitable, Tasty End

It was delicious.

And now I go to collapse into a food coma. Later, my friends.

35 Comments on “The Heartwarming Tale of a Boy and His Churro Waffle Reaches its Inevitable, Tasty End”

  1. Maybe he and another author can have a Churro Waffle eating contest for the next fundraiser.

  2. Miles Archer:

    I budgeted and only went a couple hundred calories over my daily target — a sum that is still lower than my “maintain weight” calorie mark. So I will still (theoretically) lose a bit of weight today, just less than usual.


  3. You are such a delightful looney; and oh, by the way, thank you for sabotaging my own new year’s diet plan… with such delicious goodness.

  4. You know, John, I’m only a few miles away from you, and you still haven’t invited me over for Churro Waffles. I’m really hurt, especially after I left you alone at ChiCon7……..

  5. It’s a shame the face contest thingy is over.


    I find this waffle idea intriguing, particularly because my 3 yr old daughter loves cinnamon the way I love beer.

  6. Was that actual maple syrup, to be worthy of the CHURRO WAFFLE? Not that crap called “pancake syrup”. CHURRO WAFFLE deserves only the finest tree blood.

  7. It’s neither inevitable nor heartwarming; PEOPLE HAVE DIED FOR FOOD LIKE THAT, SIR.

    Have some tasty, crunchy respect.

  8. Hahahaha. “How’s that diet going?” NEVER tell anyone you’re on a diet. It’ll come back and bite you.

  9. Oh, those pics you posted on Twitter. If you were a dog your tail would have been wagging so hard.

  10. [Tiresome, low-quality trollage deleted. On a more serious note, Norseman, it’s clear you’ve been fighting your deep, lustful urges toward a particular dude you mentioned as a paragon to manliness compared to me. I say come out of that wee little closet of yours and let him know. A delicious alpha male cuddlepile shall be your reward! Just some advice from a friend – JS]

  11. I’m a Brit now living in Greece and I’ve never had a churro waffle in my life, but now that’s all I can think about. They look good.

  12. Hehehe. That sounds something the YAOI fangirls would approve of, indeed.

    In other news, wordpress hates me, again. XD

    And now I desire waffles. Damn you, Scalzi! *fistshake*

  13. Thank you, Mr. Scalzi, for my first good belly laugh of the day. The post was great, and then I read the comments. By the end, I was laughing so hard I was crying. It was the wonderful combination of everything. By the by, I probably wouldn’t put real maple syrup on this waffle. It would fight too hard with the other deliciousness.

  14. looks yummy – sadly I don’t have a waffle iron- but now I can’t get the idea of Churro-Ebelskivers out of my head – yummy portion controlled nuggets of sugarry-cinnamony(sp?) goodness .. I wonder how that would taste dipped in melted nutella?

  15. Now this would be awesome as the photo used for your goodbye message when leaving the SFWA presidency later this year.

    “So long, everyone. I’m off to each churro waffles!”

  16. I should probably stop reading your blog at work because twice while reading it I almost shot coffee out of my nose and across my desk. And that was just THIS morning!! You Sir are a nutter!!!


  17. I assume that an Alpha cuddlepile involves pillows so that the cuddlers/combatants may attempt to swaddle/smother each other to death. Sounds like a new reality show.

    On another note, your expression is heartwarming if you interpret it in a certain way, I guess, like, “T-Rex got his wish for longer arms, and used it to pluck a prehistoric churro waffle from the ground in order to sop up the blood of his last kill! He’s so happy!”

  18. “Churro waffle to base, churro waffle to base! I´ve been intercepted by strange huge creature. I am trying to make contact with him, but my comunication system seems to be ineffctive. Now he drives me to a strange gate …Oh, no! For the Big Sweet Candy! He is going to…” (Contact lost. Pray for his sweet and tasty soul….) :D

  19. jonjasonmitchell: A good Churro AEbelskiver would be cooked in butter and filled with cinnamon and sugar. My arteries are clogging just thinking about it. I think my wife will divorce me if I don’t make them for breakfast tomorrow. I’d never thought of eating them with Nutella. I probably won’t be able to stop eating them, now. Thanks a lot. ;-)

  20. This is beginning to sound like a contest prize on the blog. Winner gets a signed copy of The Human Division and has a bona fide Churro Waffle breakfast with the Scalzi’s in their backyard. Also (BIG plus) get to meet that adorable cat, Glgglllggglllglglh!!!

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