Here Comes the ARC

It’s the ARC for The Human Division in book form, and it is pretty meaty, if I have to say. I had no idea I had written so much.

And that’s all you get for today, as I am otherwise occupied. See you tomorrow —


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  1. Makes me curious what you might make of a different serial approach, with longer times between episodes but chances for audience feedback on direction and interest? Obviously there wouldn’t be an arc after book 1 :) but I wonder if you’d thought about that approach.

  2. Actually, Scalzi’s still in a food coma after eating that VERY high in sugar&carb Churro Waffle – which is why he’s “busy”….

  3. Looks great, in fact it looks so tempting that it makes me think twice about the e-book versions! You probably aren’t intending to have that effect? I love reading your stuff digitally, but you are the only author I do that with, since really I LOVE to hold a good book (new or old) and smell the pages, feel the cover, and flip back and forth to re-read, and earmark pages, and have a pretty bookmark, and stick it on my shelf, etc….

    But, come Tuesday, I’ll be reading the next installment.

  4. montsamu: I’ve also wondered if Scalzi will be tempted to “fix” any errors (if they come up) as the episodes come out.

    Scalzi: Hypothetically, what if you realized there was a little (but important) plot or character inconsistency in a later chapter, which you realize during the release of an early episode, would you be tempted to fix it before it appears in the release of the later episode? Or, will your publisher not allow that? (hardcopies already printed?)

  5. “I had no idea I had written so much.”

    I re-read The B-Team last night, having just re-read OMW, TGB, and TLC. At least on my Nook (notoriously inaccurate) The B-Team is just about as long as TLC.

    On behalf of all of us, John, thank you. :)

  6. hey, sorry for misusing the comments from this post … but it looks like you dont read the old ones ;)
    can you please check if the download link from the zip shareware version of your shortstory still works? somebody wrote about it on planet debian, expect some extra visitors these days
    but i only got a 404 when trying to have a look, and others in the comments expressed the same experience


  7. Well, if memory serves THD is around 140k words so that means a work of 250K words from you might be possible some time in the future notwithstanding earlier comments. We is greedy we is……

    And what everybody said about Tuesdays with an additional “Is it May yet?” for the hardback. Love the feel of a good book, different experience for me than electrons somehow. An excuse to do both, what can I say.

  8. Super jealous. Would totally enter a contest to win a copy of the ARC. Even by gladiatorial combat.

  9. the ARC looks nice and all – but when is the super special limited edition from Subterranean Press coming out?

  10. Yeah, I was going to wait until May, but then I got the freebie from Tor and find I HAVE NO PATIENCE AT ALL, so I’m buying the episodes. John, if you ever do this again, why not let us pre-order the novel and throw in the episodes?

  11. Eagerly awaiting May (because really, I have a short attention span, even for awesome books, and waiting a week between chapters is like waiting a week between bites of really good ice cream)

    That said, can we get a profile shot of the book so we can see exactly how thick and luscious our delayed gratification will be? Because covers are pretty much all one of three sizes…

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