Today I Hurl Myself Through The Air

So writing here is likely to be sparse. I may update from the plane, either here or on Twitter, if it has wifi. Otherwise, you’re on your own today. Not in a deep existential sense; we’re still all interconnected in that magical Web called life. Just, you know. I’m busy. With flying. And everything around flying.

21 Comments on “Today I Hurl Myself Through The Air”

  1. Flying is a process which manages to both be incredibly irritating and incredibly tedious.

    And yet … it really is a miracle of modern science: we can travel in several hours a distance which took our grandparents weeks.

  2. Just don’t hurl on others, that’s usually not appreciated.

    (I had that happen to me, curtsy of a drunk business man. I did a lot of yelling.)

  3. Our atoms were forged in the heart of a supernova. Probably the same supernova. We’re all so incestuous. I’m thinking today must me Thursday.

  4. Happy hurling! (Ok, that doesn’t quite convey the actually sentiment that I had hoped it would)

  5. I hurled a Scalzi through the air,
    It fell to earth, I knew not where;
    For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
    Could not follow it in its flight.

  6. If one is to hurl in the air, please to be using the plastic lined paper bag located in the pouch on the seat in front of you. Your fellow passengers will find it slightly less annoying. ;-)

  7. I am reminded of Louis CK’s ” Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy” monologue. If you haven’t heard it, it is worth your time. From previous comments I notice others thought of this as well.

  8. DO NOT lose your laptop this time. Do not leave it in a taxi. As much fun as we have with you updating us about the tracer data in the missing laptop, it would probably be better if you did not lose it. That way, Chrissy will not have to give you that “it’s amazing that we let you out of the house” look.

    As for Louis CK, every time I say the word hilarious, I hear him yelling at me.

  9. I realized how old I am when it occurred to me that I can remember a time when flying was actually a pleasant experience. The planes were clean and well maintained. The seats comfy and they had leg room! The food was not so great but it did give you something to do. The crews were plentiful and gracious. It was not all that expensive either

    Thank god that deregulation fixed all that.

  10. (for those who haven’t noticed yet, John’s travel adventures continue in near real time under the “WHATWITTERS” heading to the right.)

  11. 47% of the people on the plane are being hurled by others, the rest are hurling themselves.

  12. Skydiving, I supose. Or hang-gliding. Or kitesurfing. Hopping down the isle from your sugar high?

  13. @Studer

    Thank you for drawing my attention to the twitter feed. Apparently our host gets a wee bit antsy (and super hilarious) about travel delays. I needed the laughs after a long day!

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