My Sugary Flying Adventure In the Air

The background for this series of tweets: My flight out of LA yesterday was delayed, and I ended up in DFW with lots of time to kill. A service representative from American Airlines gave me a couple of food vouchers.

This was all true and really happened. I SWEAR.

Also, the thematically appropriate video.

39 Comments on “My Sugary Flying Adventure In the Air”

  1. Did Krissy have some, too, and that’s how your office became so clean? The hashtag would have been “#candymovebookscandycandycandymovemorebooks”.

  2. The first time in recorded history a grumpy child was heard to mutter, “I hate flying with adults.”

  3. I’ll have a handful of Nibs in your honour when you disappear into the justice system. I don’t think Red Vines are even available in Canada.

  4. Here, I’ll say it: the most insane thing in this entire post is your endorsement of Red Vines over Twizzlers. HEATHEN.

  5. So, how was the flying? American in rebranding itself right now, presumably to recover from their current image of “Most Craptacular AIrline in the Free World”… Are they doing it, or do I need to change my reservations for next month?

  6. Dear Mr. Scalzi — I should know better than to read your blog at work. My nostrils now feel like someone has taken a vegetable peeler to them, due to a superabundance of “*snerk* *snertle* *phffttchhh* *snrrrrch*” and other hits from the same album.

  7. This is a somewhat random question, but how do you embed the tweets into your post like that? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the same thing for a while and can’t seem to figure it out.

  8. I laughed my ass off last night following your series of tweets.

    And it’s still just as hilarious today.

    I feel for the flight crew….

    BTW, how many air marshals were on your flight?

  9. Caleb Flanagan, hover over the Tweet you want to embed. Click on the “More” link. You’ll see (or should see) two options: “Email tweet” or “Embed Tweet.” Picking “Embed Tweet” gives you a box with raw HTML code which can be copied and then pasted into the place you’d like it to appear.

  10. John, how do you hang upside down from the ceiling by digging in with your fingernails? You took more than candy, and I’m telling Mom. That is unless you give me your swiss army knife.

  11. John, I was hitting youtube for George Carlin’s routines for air travel (ie – I’m not getting on the airplane, I’m getting IN the airplane) but most of them had the 7 words you can’t say, and I didn’t want anyone at work clicking on them here (without headphones) :).

    Needless to say, between the two of you, I had a couple of smiles last night.

  12. Don’t be silly. You can’t sit in the emergency exit row if you’re restrained with duct tape. You have to be ready, willing and able to save those people. #SAVETHOSEPEOPLE

  13. [Cough, cough, wheeze. Helpless laughter. Cough.]
    I knew I was in for a treat at “IT’S SUGARIN’ TIME.” But I’m almost afraid to follow you on Le Tweet.

  14. Ha! I follow you on Twitter and thoroughly enjoyed the saga but had missed the beginning so could not figure out where the candy came from. Thanks for filling in the blanks!

  15. I’m heading to Guantanamo in March, so if you end up there, I’ll see if I can sneak you in some Coke Zero in return for signing my books at Immortal Confusion….