Krissy, 1/26/13

Looking fairly contemplative, I have to say.

16 Comments on “Krissy, 1/26/13”

  1. [Deleted because Greg M appears to have decided that being an assbag is his plan for the day. You really do have to be a monumental prick to gripe at a guy for posting a picture of his wife on his own site. So, hey, Greg M: feel free to fuck right off and not come back. Your precious bandwidth will thank you and so will I — JS]

  2. Thinking about JJ Abrams directing Star Wars? Hope she is doing well, and I thought it was very nice of her to clean your office, and a sign of her love for you to make those Churro Waffles. Truly, you hit the Jackpot with her.

  3. John, I enjoy every photo that you post on the site. Only a very clueless jerk would actually attempt to complain about ones featuring your wife! Krissy is beautiful and a wonderful person (based on reading many previous blog postings) and you are both blessed.

  4. Yep, great photo, and may gregm languish in the outer darkness until his tendons wither and his bones ground to dust!

    Ok, that may be overdoing it a bit but I watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Matrix’ back to back last night…

  5. Do you get the sense that gregm’s right arm is considerably stronger than his left & he has a vise-like grip and he resents those not similarly endowed? B-{D (sorry, can’t resist poking the troll now and again)

    Now I suppose we could all whine how you don’t put up shots of our hot spouses & you can suggest we all get our own dang blog!

  6. Well, I am uncomfortable telling you what a luck guy you are & Starship Trooper is right out so troll poking is about all thats left! I actually heard RAH discuss the book once when I was a young guy. I’d rather talk about the beauty foolish enough to marry you.

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