The Churrosity Continues

And you know what? They were awesomely delicious, too.

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  1. Rather completely off topic. Did you see the news article about Gov Jindal tells repubs to “stop being the stupid party?”

    Try sauteing some tart green apples and put them in the churro pancake batter.

  2. On topic- the churro pancakes are just the churro waffle recipe sans waffle iron? But, how do you get that crispiness? Are you deep frying those pancakes, like a donut?

  3. These were prepped on a grill like regular pancakes, but in the future I can see making them so they are more fried and crispy. This a burgeoning field in its early days.

  4. Ok, I’m going to be a jerk and ask for more explanation of what the big deal is. As far as I understand it, the whole thing is about putting butter and cinnamon-sugar on baked breakfast foods. While I agree this is delicious, I neither understand why this makes them churro-based as opposed to French-toast based, nor why this is so astounding as to cause strong men to weep with joy.

    Am I just not getting it? Am I missing an ingredient? Am I just a grumpy, jaded, old foodie?

  5. I noticed the condensation on the plate to the right of the churro pancakes where the fourth one used to be. I’ll assume it was removed for esthetic reasons, three being visually more dynamic than four.

  6. Have you tried frying up some bananas (or even better, plantains) to eat with the churro pancakes?

  7. Yeah, I gotta confess I’m not getting the churrociousness here. It’s a pancake with cinnamon sugar – and by appearances – not enough cinnamon. And no crunchy nooks and crannies.

    But I assume next will have to be churroskivers…?

  8. Make cinnamon sugar that is heavy on the cinnamon. Heat flour tortillas by placing them directly on a gas stove burner for a few seconds. Turn and warm the other side. Add a bit of butter and lots of cinnamon sugar. Roll up and eat.

  9. Lacking a waffle iron, I drooled in vain at your churro waffle post. This, though? I can do this. I will do this, and it will be glorious!

  10. Re:-e churro french toast would require dipping in an egg mixture before placing on the griddle whereas the pancakes and waffles skip the egg wash.

  11. Where are the bacon crumbles in the churro pancakes. Remember there are two ingredients that make everything taste btter – bacon and hot sauce. So bacon in the churro waffles and hot sauce on top vice syrup.

  12. I am inviting myself over to KevinQ’s for breakfast. He made the churro waffles AND deep-fried them. Genius.

    Makes my blueberry-extra cinnamon pancakes seem lacking.

  13. At this rate someone will have to stage a churro intervention. AND YOU WILL EAT THAT TOO.

  14. I have a suggestion for an ingredient that would take these to the next level…broken up bacon in the batter. Not necessarily original, I know, but…bacon.

  15. I once ordered a churro at Taco Bell. Quite reflexively, the gal at the register asked “Would you like a churro with that?” I said yes. And you know what awesome something happened? Two churros.

  16. I hate pancakes since they’re not breakfast but an early-morning excuse for another dessert (plus the dry out my mouth and make me gag). But, I did see this one recipe on Food Network. This lady puts walnut, caramel apple topping on pancakes.

    OK, still dessert, but better than maple syrup (*shudder!*)

  17. All right, I’m going to go there. Are churro kidding me? Forgive me, please, my 12 step pun group meets in twenty minutes.

  18. mmm- cinnamon pancakes, bacon and bananas foster ….oooh and a scook of vanilla ice cream and coffee with baileys and…

  19. Last time, with the churro waffles, you had a root canal a few days later. I hope you made a dentist appointment for this week, ’cause the churro pancakes makes it look like you’re mocking the Tooth Fairy.

  20. Knows what even better? Double dipped French toast. Make our French toast normally, egg, milk, Irish creme, cinnamon, etc, then dip it into very thin pancake batter before cooking. Takes just a bit longer but it’s tummy!

  21. I’m thinking there’s a whole franchise restaurant opportunity here. Call it, “Ye Olde Churrosity Shop.”

  22. Curse you to heck, John Scalzi. Here I am on a diet(*) and constrained from sweet, sugary food (and fried foods, so sweet sugary fried food would be right out) and you take this time to start. the Churrocalypse.

    I am now craving a real street churro — I believe tomorrow will be spent tracking down a food truck…

    (* I too am on a diet because of stomach trouble — the trouble is my stomach no longer fits in my pants)

  23. John, screw the writing. Just hit the State fair circuit with these. Get the booth that used to sell Fried Twinkies and hit the deep south. You’ll make more in a summer than you’ll make on one of your installments.

  24. OK, I give. What the hell is a churro anyway?

    Wikipedia says: The dough is a mixture of flour, water and salt.

    to me, that translates into… flatbread? or cracker? and wikipedia then says they’re fried until crispy?

    It doesn’t sound all that tasty. I assume the basic recipe gets embellished with other stuff?

    And how do you even make a crispy, fried pancake?

  25. @ Adela

    Churro crêpe?

    Are fucking fantastic! OMG, I made me some churro sweet crepes after John’s little food porn last week. Churro sweet crepes are proof that Cthulhu loves us and wants us to be happy.

    @ The Pathetic Earthling

    I once ordered a churro at Taco Bell.

    Those are to churros as whoppers are to hamburgers.

    @ scorpius

    I hate pancakes since they’re not breakfast but an early-morning excuse for another dessert (plus the dry out my mouth and make me gag).

    That’ll be the syrup. You can have pancakes with alternative garnishments.

    @ Greg

    OK, I give. What the hell is a churro anyway?

    Sin on a stick.

  26. There’s several kinds of cinnamon and not surprisingly, their source determines character. Indonesian cassia/Korintje is like the stuff in the super market. Generally you can’t go wrong there. Ceylonese has fruity overtones and like Chinese cinnamon, is great for hot drinks. But for weapons grade, over the top, red hot, Atomic Fireball-like character, get Vietnamese Cinnamon.

  27. @Greg If you see the wiki, the original churro is just like that. Crispy fried outside, tender inside, and all that with just that, flour, water and salt.

    Then you sprinkle it with sugar and/or dunk it in you hot, thick chocolate and thats it.

    It is delicious. It is simple. It doesnt need any embelishment – it is a simple and natural way to get diabetes ;-P

  28. I find it hard to believe that no on has gone here yet. I guess it’s up to me.

    Are the cats getting nervous? I hear that churriosity allegedly murdered a feline….

    I know.


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