Daily Archives: January 28, 2013

Today’s Big Ol’ Stack of New Books

Some of these are finished books and some of them are ARCs. Tell me which ones you’re excited about in the comments.

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A Note to Some Folks in Countries Where They Are Being Charged a Lot For the Episodes of The Human Division; Plus a General Note About Episode Lengths

Just got a (justifiably) cranky e-mail from a guy who paid something like $3.50 for “Walk the Plank,” the second episode of The Human Division, and was annoyed that he got 32 pages for his money. Here’s my thought on this: 1. We (i.e., Tor and I) are charging 99 cents an episode, or an […]

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Various and Sundry, 1/27/13

Mostly links. * First, did you know that there is a picture of me, Mary Robinette Kowal, Charles Stross, Patrick Rothfuss and Jim C. Hines, signed by each of us (and by Al Bodgan, the photographer) up for auction, to benefit the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation? And that this particular picture, in this particular format, is […]

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Today’s Musical Question

When did the hip music of today start sounding like sea shanties and campfire singalongs? I think I missed that turn of events. It’s something to do with Mumford and Sons, right? I assume those guys are responsible for everything in music these days that involves a guitar and/or a full beard.

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