I Don’t Even Know Why This Exists, But It Does And It’s In My House And I Have a Spoon

Seriously, I don’t know what evil genius said “I know, we’ll take a cookie and make a paste out of it and then put it in a jar,” but whoever you are, sir or madam, you are diabolical and I salute you. Because, holy crap, this stuff is amazing. If you gave me a jar of this and a multivitamin, I would be set for the day. Yes, yes, I am twelve. So what.

Also, I like how they specify this stuff is the creamy version, thus implying there might be a crunchy version, a fact which will now keep me up nights. Full of longing.

Finally, I suspect that if I made a sandwich out of this stuff and Nutella, I might very well translate bodily into heaven. Yes, I am saying a Biscoff and Nutella sandwich might just be the Rapture in spreadable form. Prove me wrong, people. Prove me wrong.

Today’s New Thing

Although I’m cutting back on public travel this year, I’m still going a few places here and there and wanted to be able to take a guitar with me, but I’m hesitant to take the tenor guitar because it doesn’t have a travel case (they are strangely hard to find for tenor guitars) and it’s too large to be a carry-on for a plane. Enter the Washburn Rover (to the right, next to the concert uke, which is there for scale), which is small enough for to be a carry-on and also shipped with a study case. It would have been nice to find one natively designed as a tenor, but that really would be a┬áspecialty item. So for now I just took off the two low-end strings and tuned the remaining strings so I could play the guitar with uke chords, just as I did with my tenor.

Seems to work so far, although it will take a little getting used to. It’s not as full a sound as I get out of the tenor, but then with a tiny body like it has it would be unrealistic to expect it to. It’s definitely funky looking, however. I like it.

Off to Get My Head Drilled

This morning is when I get my root-canaled tooth permanently caulked up, so I’ll be out until early afternoon at least.

In the meantime, please enjoy Scott Edelman’s newest creation: I Hate It When That Happens. He has a point.