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RIP, Richard Stern

There’s an obit in the New York Times for author Richard Stern, who passed away last week from cancer at the nicely advanced age of 84. Fans of literature will remember him (as the obit notes) as a somewhat obscure part of a coterie of writers which included Saul Bellow and Phillip Roth, the author […]

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The Big Idea: Myke Cole

Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier, the second book in Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series, is out today. And on this auspicious occasion, Cole wishes to think on subjects like competence, training, preparation and readiness — and what happens when life takes all of those things and just chucks them out the window. MYKE COLE: Life’s got a way […]

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Various and Sundry, 1/27/13

Mostly links. * First, did you know that there is a picture of me, Mary Robinette Kowal, Charles Stross, Patrick Rothfuss and Jim C. Hines, signed by each of us (and by Al Bodgan, the photographer) up for auction, to benefit the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation? And that this particular picture, in this particular format, is […]

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Guitar Days

A question from the gallery: Aside from fake Dylan songs, how are you doing with your guitar? My correspondent is asking about my tenor guitar, which I’ve had for about nine months now. As a partial answer, listen if you dare to the following musical clip, which features me both singing and playing guitar. As […]

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Today I Hurl Myself Through The Air

So writing here is likely to be sparse. I may update from the plane, either here or on Twitter, if it has wifi. Otherwise, you’re on your own today. Not in a deep existential sense; we’re still all interconnected in that magical Web called life. Just, you know. I’m busy. With flying. And everything around flying.

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