Here Lies a Sleeping Dog

I think I’m just gonna let her do that. 

Why yes, that’s all I have for the moment. My brain is pretty much in a low gear today. It happens.

22 Comments on “Here Lies a Sleeping Dog”

  1. Awww, aside from not enough black in the face, she looks just like our recently departed Buddy. Any more similar and I’d get all weepy. Damn you Scalvi! ;-)

  2. It’s always best to let those sleeping dogs lie.

    Happy Sunday, the sun is shining here and I’m happy to sit in it and enjoy an hour off.

  3. Mine demands constant attention. A middle sized dog (45 lb or so) her bark is much bigger than what passes for her bite. More of gnaw really, not very brave but a good friend.

  4. I can never keep “lay”, “lie”, and “laid” figured out. But whatever that dog is doing, I’d say leave it be.

  5. Aww, that’s the most unflattering shot you’ve ever done – of anything. She’s likely too good a dog to ‘disappear’ a shoe of yours as payback, which is the difference between dogs and people.

  6. Still waiting for certain parties to suggest that this sleeping dog doesn’t lie as much as Obama.

  7. From this angle, she looks like a manatee.

    I used to have a cat that, when viewed from a certain angle, always seemed to resemble a giant slug when she was asleep, with her ears as the horns.

  8. I never understood B. Kliban’s cartoon on how to tell a cat from a meatloaf until I got my CMY. Very pretty girl, if you like the Holstein esthetic, but she is ROUND. Not unlike Daisy in the picture (though somewhat smaller at 25ish pounds). When she’s not being a loafcat she resembles a cow that has been tipped. Just as well the ears and tail are sufficient to identify species.

  9. I’ve woken sleeping dogs many times: Pit Bull, Rottie-Heinz-57 mix, etc. Not a problem. Now, waking an eight-year-old girl to get ready for school? I can’t recommend that to anyone not wearing armor.

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