Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Procedural Notes For a Fund Drive

Now that people have pledged a whole stack of money to the “Counteract a Bigot” fund drive — we’re up above $60,000 in pledges at this point and I have to actually count out how much before I can say for sure what the precise amount is — there are some questions about how things […]

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No, Wait, I Do Have Another Thought Re: Used eBooks

Which is this: In the event that Amazon (or anyone else) gets into the business of selling used eBooks without compensating me (the author) for them, and you decide that you don’t want to buy the book new (i.e., I’m not going to get paid anyway), you know what? I would rather you pirate the […]

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Second-Hand EBooks

Yes, folks: I read about this. My first impressions: a) I’m awfully suspicious that it means nothing good for writers who want to get paid for their work using the current compensation model, b) If Amazon actually wants this to work they are going to have to become strikingly transparent in their processes, which they hate, or be […]

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Today’s Very Cool Thing What I Got in the Mail

No, not the awards. I’ve had those for a bit. I’m talking about the fabulous artwork, from John Harris. Does it look at least slightly familiar? It should. Here, this is where you might have seen it before: That’s right, it’s artwork for an upcoming episode of The Human Division. I’ve really enjoyed all the […]

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