Today’s Very Cool Thing What I Got in the Mail

No, not the awards. I’ve had those for a bit. I’m talking about the fabulous artwork, from John Harris. Does it look at least slightly familiar? It should. Here, this is where you might have seen it before:

That’s right, it’s artwork for an upcoming episode of The Human Division. I’ve really enjoyed all the artwork Harris has created for the epsiodes, and this one especially, so I inquired whether I might be able to purchase it. Happily, the answer was yes, and now I have it and it is mine. One of the perks of being an author is sometimes you get to own the artwork that graces your work. I’m truly pleased to have this in my home, and soon on my wall.

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  1. I was planning to get the omnibus when it came out since I’m reading other things now anyway.
    I was wondering if it would have all the artwork in it or if that is only for people who but the episodes separately.

  2. Is it the original or a print? If it is the original the size amazes me. I’ve always imagined Mr. Harris’ originals to be quite large (maybe not all gigantic like, just big). Maybe it is his regular subject matter, that makes me draw that conclusion.

  3. “what I got in the mail”

    What are you, a goombah?

    But it’s nice artwork, even though I prefer nature scenes over cityscapes.

  4. Be nice to Himself, even though he is a goombah.

    I really like Harris’ artwork. It reminds me of some of the work done in the 70’s on some Clifford Slimak books. Now I’ll have to go and dig them out and run down the artist …..

  5. Shayde beat me to it. Did Harris sell that print to you as a one-shot deal, because, well, you’re the author he made the print for, or is his stuff available for purchase to the rest of us as well?

  6. This raises the question of why the cover art for your books has been so good. The usual response of authors when asked about what appears on the covers of their books is that they had no control over the process, often seeming like an attempt to diplomatically gloss over a disappointment with the results. Yet, you seem to have escaped the gratuitous ass-shots that Jim Hines has so effectively lampooned. Is it just that your editors at Tor are better? Or have you been able to exert some influence on the choices?

  7. Eli:

    The reason my artwork at Tor has been so good: Irene Gallo, Tor’s Art Director. Also: John Harris, Donato Giancola, Pascal Blanchet, Shelley Eshkar, Kekai Kotaki, Peter Lutjen and Aleksandar Velasevic, the artists and designers in question.

    Everyone else:

    The Hugos are there for scale, so it is not a large piece. I will not reveal the price other than to say it was neither the most expensive piece of art I’ve purchased, nor the least. And yes, I do believe Mr. Harris sells his work generally.

  8. “The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads”

    Shouldn’t that cover have a picture of you, John, holding a two-handed mallet?

  9. I love John Harris’s work. Any time it appears on a cover, I’m instantly drawn. I’ve been to his site a couple of times and he sells the originals of many of his works.

  10. I would love to be able to procure hi-res digital versions of the artwork from the Human Division covers.

  11. A good frame makes a huge difference. If you like it and want to hang it, have a pro matt the thing and set it up for you. You won’t be sorry

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