And Now, An Announcment

Effective midnight, I’m taking ten days off from the Internet.

Because I want to, that’s why.

The Fabulous Kate Baker has the Mallet while I’m gone. Heed her.

I may schedule some really old stuff here to keep you amused while I’m away. Be afraid.

Oh, and some Big Ideas. Don’t be afraid of those.

See you later. Behave. Thanks.

55 Comments on “And Now, An Announcment”

  1. I never understood why you use a mallet instead of a Maul, John.

    You get better smashing force with a Maul.

  2. Yay, a substitute! I love subs; so much easier to get away with mischief. Just kidding. Promise.
    *hands suspiciously typing behind back…waves*
    Have a great vacay! :-D

  3. Gulliver,

    subs mean quizes and bad movies about the insect world made in the 70s.


  4. Behave? Us? Come on John, that line doesn’t work at home, you think it’ll work here? It would be easier to set up a DDoS (or claim a DDoS) than get good behavior. Someone will be swinging from the chandelier by midnight.

  5. Heck John, that did look like a lot of books on your table, but will it really take 10 days to sort them?

  6. You mean I will have to work?

    I’ll take 68 hours in the sweepstake for when Mr. Scalzi is back.

  7. bad movies about the insect world made in the 70s.

    There were other kinds?
    There can’t be quizzes. I only skimmed the material!

  8. Thank god that guy and his giant ego are finally taking a break. I mean is it just me, or has been getting hard to breath in here or what?


    What do you mean he’ll read these posts when he gets back?


    What I mean is, “Ten days with out new Scalzi? Eek! What are we supposed to do?”

  9. He’s here until midnight. Then it’s “Gypsies in the Palace” / Jimmy Buffett and I’m out of here — remember to be good, or to be very careful!

  10. A parting thought: gamma rabbit ought to have a mallet (and a basket full of kittens), just sayin’.

  11. I don’t know. I mean, I can’t speak for the character. It just seems like, well… I just don’t think Gamma Rabbit ought to be malleting kittens. Individually, or by the basket. It just doesn’t seem right, somehow.

  12. I… FUCK! NO Scalzi for 10 days… this better involve Wive/Daughter/Pets. Otherwise, I’ll have to break out Durgbane’s Fleet Crossbow of Healing Smite. You got NO idea what that can do.

    p.s. took a week long break from internet and cell phone at Christmas/Winter Solstice/Fookin’ break for work… didn’t even notice they were gone thanks to an Irish redhead of female proportions. Hope your break is at least 50% as fun as mine.. you’ll be swinging from the fence posts if it is.

  13. And the fact that these 10 days happen to coincide with a certain week-long geek entertainment-centric annual event is just a coincidence, is it?

  14. I pity those poor fools who seem to need to worship at the altar of scalzi and depend on some opine or snark for their survival. It’s a scalzipocalypse

  15. But Mr. Scalzi always lets us sit where we want. And it’s OK to eat churros in class.

  16. Bruce, it is indeed me. It took about two seconds to place your name once I saw it this morning. You now know “where” to find me if you want to talk directly!

  17. No offense to Kate, but I read that as “Kage Baker” and thought, “Damn. Now that’s impressive, Scalzi. How’d you pull that off?”

  18. Enjoy your break! I’m hopeful that when you return you’ll be inclined to answer the following questions:
    1) Does ‘no internet’ really mean ‘NO internet’? Or just some subset thereof? (Which is…?)
    2) How long did you actually go before you broke whatever internet restrictions you set on yourself?
    3) In the interim, what did you do with all of that free time?
    4) Anything in particular prompt this internet detox, or was it just time?

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