Signed ARC of The Human Division Up for Auction

Yes! The whole book! Signed and everything! For the Con or Bust drive. Go here if you want to bid on it. And while you are there, why not check out all the other very cool auctions? You’ll likely find something else you’d want to bid on.

Update: D’oh! I jumped the gun. The auction opens at midnight. Sorry.

8 Comments on “Signed ARC of The Human Division Up for Auction”

  1. Greedy, lazy comment of the day:

    John if you want to provide some more signed copies at a buy-it-now price I’m all over it. Or even price plus donation to charity of your choice. When it comes to auctions…I forget.

  2. You forgot to mention that the ARC is wonderfully, beautifully shiny, with a high albedo, and smells of tasty tasty bacon. Also, when you read it, kittens materialize from a parallel universe and curl up in your lap purring to comfort you.

  3. What are those things on the cover supposed to be? Houses? Buildings? Weird vertically-shaped ships?

  4. I am going to wait for May, which will be a *fantastic* month ‘The Human Division’, the new Star Trek movie, and Dan Brown’s fourth ‘Robert Langdon’ novel. I’m taking a week off to go fishing but I won’t complain if it rains!

  5. Okay, this time I won’t forget. Unlike bidding on the signed first edition of Shaara’s Killer Angels. *sigh*

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