Daily Archives: February 13, 2013

Obligatory Guest Cat Post

As you are probably aware by now, John is away from the intarweebs. The last I heard, he battled a rather large, fire-breathing dragon in the foothills of some foreign land with nothing more than a piece of crispy bacon, a tub of frosting and a rubber chicken.* In his absence aside from gleefully wielding the […]

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Something Really Old V: Adventures in Pig Roasting

From the AOL years (1996 – 98). —- Last week I mentioned to a co-worker of mine at America Online that I was going to attend a pig roast that weekend. This being the first time I had been invited to one, I was unsure of what exactly was going to happen. My co-worker, apparently […]

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The Big Idea: Jamie Mason

The “whydunit”, is arguably the more intriguing of questions asked along a literary journey suggests Jamie Mason, author of Three Graves Full.  In today’s Big Idea, Jamie explains the method and mentality that went into polishing her debut novel. Jamie Mason: I’ve never written anything that went theme first, story second. Probably someone could do it. […]

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