Me, Interviewed on Fast Forward

Because wouldn’t you like to see me interviewed about writing, of all things? Sure you would!

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  1. Smelling like lilacs is never a bad thing. Great interview, very informing! After reading “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded”, I wanted to know more about your writing career, and I got it from that interview! Good job to Mr. Zipster as weel, for a well conducted interview, and a show that I am now interested in watching!


  2. I had a great time interviewing our gracious host at Capclave. It was a pile of fun and, I must say, the man gives great interview. If you want to see more of Fast Forward and don’t live in the DC area, we’re on the web.

  3. A very pleasant and informative interview, John Scalzi.
    Um, did Neil Gaiman ever get that fruit basket?


  4. I’m sure that you’ve done other interviews that were good (surely lots and lots and where have I been), but this is the first one that I’ve seen with you that didn’t suck; whether it be content, video, audio, or all of the preceding at once. I’m going to check out this Fast Foward guy. The ‘staging’ wasn’t great, and the lighting just a bit on the edge, but this was good, and by far the best that I’ve seen of you.

    (Yeah, that sounds pretty backhanded, but I was so surprised (and pleased) that it didn’t suck.)

    I’m off to Google for some other ‘Fast Forwards’ right now.

  5. How nice to hear writers being generous to and about each other. That function room setting was a little dehumanized but the interview came across really well. Are the Fast Forward interviews related to

    Just realized how much I hate using the word ‘nice’ please replace with splendid.

  6. Well done! It was very encouraging to listen to your experience on being laid off and for making us writers with a day job feel not so useless. Once your term ends, ever thought about doing a writing podcast or something similar?

  7. Thanks to all for your nice comments of our interview, that is all very nice to hear (or read)..

    Cindy – That interview was shot in a function room at Capclave (who graciously allowed us to shoot some interviews as program items). The reason it looked as good as it did was because our tech producer – Kathi Overton – is a true professional.

    Take a look at some of the interviews we have done over the last 20 or so years. Our home page is at and has our most recent interviews and some web only things and our archive of some of our older interviews are in our Archive at

  8. John and Mike, thanks for this very cool interview. I had known most of what was covered because I’ve read pretty much every blog entry on Whatever, but before now I had NOT known about Fast Forward. Thanks for alerting me to it…now if only I had enough time in my schedule to start watching it daily….

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