Daily Archives: February 22, 2013

To Take You Into the Weekend, Me Singing “Redshirt” With Jonathan Coulton and His Band

And I’m on key at least 60% of the time! If you just want to see the part where I fall on my ass, fast forward to 4:15 and wait a couple of seconds. This was during the JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 trip, incidentally. I had a blast doing this (which I think comes through), […]

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The Big Idea: Miriam Forster

Sometimes you start writing with the idea of creating a small, intimate tale — and then the tale decides it has other plans. Such was the case when Miriam Forster started writing City of a Thousand Dolls. What happens when a story grows beyond your expectations? Let’s find out. MIRIAM FORSTER: The original idea for […]

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For the Record, I Don’t Do This

Via CC Finlay, how to spend a stupid amount of money to game your way onto a best seller list. Note the books being discussed here are business-related books, which appear to be used by their authors as calling cards to get speaking/consulting gigs, which are their primary bread and butter. So maybe for these […]

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Oscar Prediction Update Post

When the Academy Awards were announced, I presented my immediate picks for the awards and noted that I would come back to the choices just before the ceremony if I changed my mind on anything. Well, here we are, just before the awards, and I have a couple emendations. Best Actor: I boldly made my […]

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