Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

We Have Achieved Total Caturation

Which is to say, here are all three Scalzi cats in my office at one time: Zeus on the chair, Ghlaghghee on the chaise, and Lopsided Cat on the low window table. Collect them all! Also, Daisy the dog was in the room just before the picture was taken, but you only have my word […]

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The Big Idea: J.A. Kazimer

Finally, someone — specifically, J.A. Kazimer — points out a fact about fairy tales that everyone knew but was too beguiled by Disney to say out loud. And used that fact to write a book — specifically, Froggy Style. Lean in and hear truth, my friends. J.A. KAZIMER: Envision a friend telling you a story […]

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A Nice Thing to Wake Up To

Hey, look at what’s the #1 science fiction work on Amazon at the moment: Clearly, I need to add dogs to everything I write. Update, 1:15pm: Also, at the moment, I have fifteen titles in Amazon’s SF Top 100 (including “The Dog King” at #1). Which, you know, is kinda neat.

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