Daily Archives: February 28, 2013

Gamma Rabbit T-Shirts Now Available

After I debuted Gamma Rabbit, the icon of friendly tolerance, here on the Web site, many of you asked if t-shirts would be in the offing. The answer: Why, yes! And now here they are, available to you from Sharksplode, which is run by Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue, the fellow who illustrated our rabbit […]

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The Big Idea: Peter Clines

Superheroes are fun, but superheroes, defined as they often are by their powers more than personalities, can also be a little… bland. How to spice up their lives? Peter Clines has a couple of ideas on the matter, some more apocalyptic than others, which he explores in his latest novel, Ex-Heroes. PETER CLINES: When the […]

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Lopsided Cat is Ready For His Closeup

As there appears to be some mild disbelief that Lopsided Cat was in yesterday’s picture of all three Scalzi cats, I’ve gone ahead and blown up the portion of the picture he’s in, so you may see more clearly that, indeed, that strange pillowy lump is in fact a cat — a cat with mastery […]

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