Lopsided Cat is Ready For His Closeup

As there appears to be some mild disbelief that Lopsided Cat was in yesterday’s picture of all three Scalzi cats, I’ve gone ahead and blown up the portion of the picture he’s in, so you may see more clearly that, indeed, that strange pillowy lump is in fact a cat — a cat with mastery of advanced napping techniques. I hope that this will henceforth remove all doubts.

54 Comments on “Lopsided Cat is Ready For His Closeup”

  1. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling with your fancy TV “enhance” tricks. That’s clearly a fringed scarf, even if it does have grey and brown cat-like colors.

  2. I kept staring at that corner, but kept thinking it was a cushion instead of your cat! With the close-up, the nose is revealed.

  3. I think the lack of proper Feline Feng Shui in the room is what threw everyone off. You have two cats balanced on either side of the room, but nothing to offset Lopsided Cat. Need another cat, stat!

  4. It took me a good five minutes of staring, but I’ve finally discerned the nose. That is one seriously stealthy cat!

  5. It looks more like just a pelt (i.e., incomplete cat); perhaps left laying about as a warning to the remaining cats.

  6. Very clever, John, putting your fur hat in an obvious cat-napping location, while hiding your cat as a faux pile of books.

  7. @Marcus: Thus the name Lopsided cat. ;) (On a related note, I have always wondered why the cat was named Lopsided cat but haven’t taken the time to search The Whatever and find out).

  8. Hey, I have a completely geeky and unrelated question: are you using a plugin to automagically bold the first X words of a post (I’m thinking maybe not, since the number of words doesn’t appear to be consistent), or do you do that by hand for every post?


    Now that we’ve gottten the inevitable all-caps conspiracy-rant joke out of the way… that’s one handsome bit of kitteh there!

    But, to be honest, he DID look like an unfolded afghan or sweater in the OP!

  10. He’s not asleep, he’s catatonic.

    Man, every time I see a cat sleeping all curled up (as ours do), I just want to…yawn… stretch… curl up myself. Of course, if I did fall asleep in a corner like that, it would take paramedics with crowbars and a hoist to get me back on my feet.

  11. Dude, there’s a tribble on your windowsill. Time to buy a glommer. I have this friend, Harcourt, who can sell you one cheap.

  12. Huh…well that IS a cat. I took the fuzzy lump as a pile of blanket and assumed the cat had burrowed underneath. That’s where mine would have been in this picture anyway. Well played Lopsided Cat, well played.

  13. Actually it appeared to be two squarish cushions, which is what threw me off.

    I also thought it appeared to be two squarish cushions yesterday. Yesterday I concluded that if there was a cat there that it must be sitting in front of and partially underneath a square cushion of a similar color. I didn’t imagine that the whole thing was a cat. My family used to have a similar cat who used the same napping position. Even so, I find it a darn good disguise, even in the closeup. I applaud Lopsided Cat as a master of disguise.

  14. What’s the name of that cloak that Frodo used to make himself look like a rock in LOTR? Lopsided Cat has gained that sort of ability!

  15. Thanks for the closeup. I was afraid that if I couldn’t see Lopsided Cat, it meant my eyes really have been shot. Also, another excuse for a cat picture!

    BTW, you don’t suppose Lopsided Cat strategically curled himself up there so he can “accidentally” knock over your book pile when he wakes up, do you?

  16. Reminds me of illustrations of Ben Franklin’s motheaten fur hat (no offense, O Mighty Lopsided Cat).

  17. Your cat may actually be on to something. Rather than the camouflage approach (though I must say, that cat has a mighty fine ghillie suit), greater stealth may be achieved by assuming an irregular or erratic posture.

  18. I didn’t see him in the original picture either (obviously complete fail on my ‘spot cat’ roll)
    I do think the long fluffy coat helps – breaks up the outline.
    My two are shorthairs who go the ‘under stuff’ route for concealment purposes – regular visitors to the house pat down any soft furnishings before sitting down!

  19. Once his location was pointed out in the previous photo, I spotted him easily and could even tell what ridiculous pose he was in. Comes of living with cats for decades. I’d be hopeless at spotting prey on the savannah or in the jungle, but I can find kitties in family houses pretty easily.

  20. Man, I must have stared at that exact lump for 5 minutes before finally deciding that it was a folded up sweater, not a cat.

  21. I noticed his hind leg in the original picture, but then I have lived with cats my entire life. I do think he is poised to knock over the book stack when he wakes up. At least that is what my cats would do.

  22. Your cats must be pretty mellow. My cat would shred/eat that whole box of tissues. I have to keep all my toilet paper under lock and key.

  23. @Saruby – I think you’re right. As the fellow owner of a cat like a fur hat, I could easily see Lopsided in the original picture. It’s all about expanding your notions of the positions a cat finds comfortable. Squeezed into a tiny basket? Lying like a dragon on a hoard of Christmas wrapping paper in March? Squatting on your computer mouse? Curled up behind a pile of books on a hard surface? Any of these is fine.

  24. I think it’s the fact that most of his head is behind the stack of books that makes him so hard to see (even in the closeup, some people have to look for a while to interpret that as a cat). Heads are important and we expect cats, even lopsided ones, to have them.

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