Upcoming Travel Notes, 3/1/13

People on Twitter and elsewhere have been noting that I am scheduled to show up in their town for things. Well, it’s true: Between March and June I have some travel planned. Here are the public events I am tentatively scheduled to be at.

March 16 -17: Engadget Expand, San Francisco.

April 20 -21: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Los Angeles.

April 26 – 28: C2E2, Chicago.

May 16 – 19: Nebula Awards Weekend, San Jose

Also, from May 11 through June 1(ish), I will be on tour. Some dates are firm while others are still being worked on, so I’m going to wait to post an official tour schedule. That said, the cities we’re looking at include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Madison (WI), Miami, Memphis, Mountain View (CA), Phoenix, Portland (OR), Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. There may also be some additional dates in Ohio and Michigan in June, both nothing is confirmed for that.

As I said, when we have everything finalized, I’ll post dates and times. So consider anything you read elsewhere as tentative until I confirm it here. Also, if the final schedule of cities varies from what I noted, please don’t gripe. It happens.

And some of you may ask: Hey, didn’t you say you weren’t going to be doing much travel this year? The answer: I did, but I noted that I would be doing some travel at the behest of Tor, my publisher. So you may assume that the large majority of that travel above is Tor-related in some way. I will also note that with the (probable) exception of this year’s Worldcon in San Antonio, I don’t currently have any other public appearances scheduled, and that includes into 2014. So if you want to see me anytime soon, these are the places.

More details on everything later, including actual events, etc. But I thought I would get that info out there to you.

39 Comments on “Upcoming Travel Notes, 3/1/13”

  1. You’re coming to Raleigh?!? Oh, happy day!

    My wife may not let me attend your event however. She already thinks I have an unhealthy obsession with you. :)

  2. Well at least you will be in San Antonio this year. Still hoping that one of your bookstore appearances will take you into the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometime. You’ve got a lot of fans in north Texas.

  3. You’re not coming to Portland?

    And I had all these gallons of puce-colored Gatorade that I was going to dump over your head for the success of “Gamma Rabbit”. Now what am I going to do with it all?

    I hate Gatorade!

  4. Yay! San Diego! I didn’t know we had any bookshops left, but I will be stalking you at whatever location it turns out to be.

  5. The bookstore in Mountain View, CA has had a notice posted about THD and your visit for a couple of weeks.

  6. We would certainly enjoy having you here in Madison. If you’d be up for a library or library-school visit, I can certainly arrange the latter and probably (through intermediaries) arrange the former.

  7. Oklahoma City gets left out by almost every sci-fi and fantasy author that I would love to see. Whyfor. :(

  8. @ottojschlosser ,

    Dang it! Missed it. But it’s too late. It’s hard enough sneaking up on a person with a 50-gallon drum of Gatorade when they’re not expecting it. Now that he knows the plan’s a bust.

  9. i do wonder why it is that so many authors will go to Dayton for a digning, but not Columbus – when Columbus is a LOT bigger and has OSU and everything. the only author i know that it MAKES SENSE for is Scalzi – because he lives so close to Dayton.

    that said, man – come to CBus! or come back to Origins, and i’ll stop my boycott of them to come and see you :) i was *finally* able to get my copy of Redshirts [my dad stole it from me as soon as i got it. he said “you should have bought me a copy for Xmas, it’s your own fault”] and i didn’t stop giggling the WHOLE TIME, i swear, until the Codas. [which were more poignant than funny]

  10. Columbus seconded, although I’ll travel to Dayton again if I have to!

  11. Hope you do get to Phoenix! Saw you at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale a few years back; would be cool to see you at Changing Hands or Bookmans this time around (great local stores!). We do of course have a nearly unlimited supply of In-N-Out burgers and fries for your devouring pleasure!

  12. @Tim: Because it’s in Oklahoma?

    Looking forward to your (probable) San Antonio visit. I’m skipping PAX this year so I can spend a day or two at LSC3. Luckily, I don’t have to get a hotel; my parents live in San Antonio.

  13. “San Diego! I didn’t know we had any bookshops left…”

    What?! Mysterious Galaxy is in SD! They have all kinds of awesome sff (and mystery and other) authors all the time. I just made the trek out there to get books signed by Marie Brennan. And Malinda Lo is going to be at their new(ish) Redondo Beach store this Thursday. :)

  14. I’ll be a block away from you in SF. (We work right next to the Moscone.) Maybe I’ll see you. I imagine you know lots of folks in SF, but if you wanna coffee or anything, it’d be cool to take ten to fifteen and chat a wee bit. I’d offer to jam with my ukelele but I still only know six chords and four notes on a string.

  15. (Oh, wait, nevermind. The Engadget thing is at Fort Mason. MILES AWAY! Signs for it near Moscone confused me. Curse you, signs.) Still offers to do coffee stand.

  16. You know, while you’re in the Bay Area–and assuming you somehow manage to avoid having anything to do on Saturday night around 11 pm–you might want to give a look to Creepy KOFY Movie Time, which on March 16th will be featuring either the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (woo-hoo!) or CLASS REUNION MASSACRE (I apologize deeply and sincerely).

  17. @Andrew Hackard

    Ouch. We’re not all bass-akwards ’round these parts. There’s a sizeable fan base around here too.

    Plus, to be fair… Texas. ;-)

  18. Side note about the LA Festival of Books: April 21st is also the day of CicLAvia, when parts of the city are closed off to car traffic and bikes, skates, and feet rule the streets. This April’s CicLAvia runs along Venice Boulevard from the beach to Downtown, with connections to the Expo Line light rail at two points.

    I only mention this because there’s an In-N-Out at Venice and Culver. So, y’know, put your order in now, John.

  19. I became a fan of yours last year by sneaking into your Nerds will take over the world interview at the LA Festival of Books, stoked you will return! See ya then!:)

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