Today I am Working on My Doing Nothing Skills

Which is why you won’t see much of me here today. See you tomorrow!

19 Comments on “Today I am Working on My Doing Nothing Skills”

  1. And I stopped doing nothing just to read what you were doing.
    Best get back to it, I guess.

  2. I highly approve.

    I will be spending the day kicking alien ass in X-Com (circa 1995).

  3. I’ve seen this pattern before; it’s the cruise. All that climbing rock faces and ice skating takes a toll, which is why I favour ships where the most arduous activity is lifting a glass to my lips whilst floating in a pool…

  4. Does uploading this post count as doing something? If so, you need to work harder on your doing-nothing-skills! Your failure to successfully do nothing makes you a slacker!

  5. No pictures of your cats, dog, or family?

    I think you’re taking this do-nothing thing too far…

  6. You do, at least, live with three experts in the field (with likely postgraduate credits of effortless cuteness, advanced sleep and human behaviour control methodology)
    @idiosynchronic – best IT-based waste of time – ever! I lost weeks to that game!

  7. The Dark Side of “Do nothing today, Scorpius” whispers to me also, John. But I have classes to study for, tests to prepare for, classes to teach next week and research to advance. I simply cannot take a day off.

    Must be nice to be a fiction writer. ;)

  8. Doing nothing is not a skill one can practice alone. It takes buy-in from all of those around too. I myself have mastered the art, my better half, not so much. Her, ” must do something” greatly interferes with my do nothing.

  9. erm, when you are done doing “nothing” [i am jealous!]

    who is Denise Hogan? [or, really, can anyone answer?] that’s been driving me batty, since i finally got to read Redshirts!

  10. Hey Mr. Scalzi, look what I saw in my local bookshop window while I was downtown today!

    I don’t know if pictures are allowed in comments so I’ll type the URL of the picture here in case the picture doesn’t show up. It’s the ghost brigades in Hungarian:

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