Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

Thank Zeus It’s Friday

WHY HELLO, LADIES.  Yes, the Zeus takes after his namesake. Or would, were it not for this little incident. Anyway, hey! It’s past three on a Friday afternoon. You can officially stop pretending you’re doing actual work. Zeus says you can. And look at him! You gonna argue with that face? Of course not.

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Advances and Me

A question from the gallery: You seem to take a hard line about advances. Have you ever published with no advance? Yup. But I’ve never published with a publisher whose default position is to offer no advance — or, for that matter, any publisher whose default advance is less than the SFWA minimum for a […]

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SFWA Responds to Random House

Yesterday, Random House sent a letter to SFWA regarding RH’s imprint, Hydra, which SFWA had declared ineligible as a qualifying market for membership because it did not pay advances, and otherwise had objectionable contract points. Today, SFWA has responded to Random House regarding Hydra. The letter is here, for your perusal. It’s worth the read. […]

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